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Wooplus Review

Wooplus Review
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 60%
Popular Age 29-36
Profiles 215 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign-up process;
  • High security online;
  • A lot of young and good-looking users;
  • Easy interface: you will get everything in a blink.
  • There are few people outside the US.

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How does It Work?

Have you ever signed up for a dating app? If you feel bad about your shape, you might have wondered how’s that. The reason is, there is too much body shaming on regular dating websites. Especially in regards to the free ones: many users complain about verbal violence, hatred messages, and so on.

Haters gonna hate, but you are gonna date! That’s why you should at least take a look at Wooplus, where plus-sized people look for a mate, without being ashamed of themselves.

Are you a slender person fond of the hot waves? No one is kicking you out! Throw your fears to the curb, and start browsing people, chatting, all that for free. If you decide that the app is worth it, you can pay for a membership, and you will have some extra features disclosed.

Curious about knowing more? Read on our review to get a closer look and make a wiser choice.

Wooplus Sign-Up & Login Process


As any working app, Wooplus offers a simplified sign-up process. You will feel pampered, as they will show you step by step how to proceed.

First, download the app from your store. There is no Web browser version of it, so you can’t skip this step, we are afraid. Don’t back up now. It will take a minute to be downloaded. Sign-up using either your Facebook account or your e-mail, and proceed.

You should select your gender, and the sex you are looking for. There’s the heterosexual option or the bisexual one, and you can also select a homosexual option. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

You will need to use a valid e-mail address. No verification will be performed now, as you are getting in trough a valid mobile phone number, so they know for sure you are a real person.

It’s done, now you can Wooplus your day. Remember to fill your profile first.

Profile Interface

Now, the profile’s questions. Remember that awkward moment you had on your last dating app, while you were filling the “body shape” section? You couldn’t say “I’m a dolphin” and avoid the self-worth drop.

Wooplus is committed to keeping your self-worth as high as Michael Jordan. Consequently, you can pick an “hourglass” body shape of an “inverted triangle,” banana, apple, or pear. Height and “body type” are a little more serious, though, so feel free to express yourself.

Then, you will be asked to select an occupation, and finally, to complete a brief description: “I’d love if my other half…”. It’s up to you now. Don’t overthink it; you will be able to edit this section in the future. You can “do the Chewbacca voice” it and go on.


Wooplus Communication

As soon as you sign-up and complete your profile, you will be directed to the main page. See the first icon within the toolbar? Like a newsfeed, it works with your location, spotting online people who live around you.

All the features work thanks to your location. So, don’t be afraid of finding pen-pals-only people on Wooplus. They are committed to your dating life, and everything, from the compelling design to the features, is luring people into dating experiences.

You can chat, using the cartoon bubble on the right. You can use the first icon, and see random people shown by the app. Like on Tinder, you can swipe them right of left, and your liked ones will be saved under the hearted icon.

If they like you back, that’s a match! By availing a membership, you will also be able to see who liked you first and skip a few steps.

Another nice way to create new matches and to showcase yourself lies under the camera icon. It is the “moments” section, working as an Instagram constant flowing page. Once you are here, you can tap on the plus button, and change your profile picture, or see if the admins have removed it, just in case.

The last option for communication’s sake is voice chat since a regular phone call will allow you to speak to people properly, like in real life. Are you embarrassed to invite them? Rely on the match feature, it always works.

Members Structure and Activities

Wooplus Structure and Activities

See the small funnel icon on the top right of the screen? This magical function will help you browse the online members. Tapping on it, you will display all the search filters.

To narrow your research, you will need a VIP membership, though. You can still take a look at the filters, to understand what you will get by Wooplus’ audience. Here, there are mostly young people, but not only them. Once you’re there, take a glance at the moments’ page, too.

Those are the main sources of information we have used for the audience analysis. Let’s say that the high number of activities offers the member a lot of stages.

That’s how we could spot the main trends and users’ clusters.

Users Age

There are mostly young people. We were able to spot neither 45+ nor under-aged people.

It’s a good feature if you belong to that age range. If you don’t, you might feel a little out of your place. So, we always recommend two options for people who feel themselves within a small crowd: find yourself a website that uses your special feature as its brand. For example, are you a 50+? Go for a site where more mature lovers can be found.

What about the second option? Go for the ocean. Namely, a huge dating website or app, where a vast number of people allow everyone to find what he/she is craving for.

Sexual Preferences

Wooplus Sexual Preferences

There are far more heterosexual people than homosexual ones. Still, we found a slight ratio of homosexual people, especially among men. There’s no telling, so feel free to sign-up and take a look with your own eyes, as this also depends on location.

The thousands of users will undoubtedly allow you to find this out yourself.

Ethnicities & Races

We found almost every ethnicity you can think of. Name it, and you’ll see at least one person. Maybe there are not many Asian guys, and we suppose this happens because they are usually skinny.

No body-shaming on that, slender Asian people are allowed, as well. Bear in mind that you can still sign-up if you LIKE the rounded people gang. You can be as skinny as a stick insect. It may be difficult for you, prepare for the struggle for survival, and a fantastic view.

Religious Orientation

Wooplus Orientation

There’s not much more to say, but we hope you will find a way to meet religious people like you. Let’s say that here on Wooplus, there’s not a precise ratio and that religion is not on the main course.

Maybe you can try elsewhere or close your eyes and dive in. A good tip, though: find yourself a good and holy place wherein to chat. If you are looking for like-minded people, it’s always challenging to find them in the wild online world, if you don’t have a funnel leading you in the right place.

It’s attending religious ceremonies: you go there, and you are sure you will find people who believe in what you believe, who worship the same things you are worshipping. You are, most of all, sure that you have similar values.

If you fall in love with such an environment, you won’t have to argue about the kids’ education. Like a river, it flows. You can sit by the stream and pick up your fishing stick.

Wooplus Dating Website Features

Wooplus Dating Website Features

There is plenty of variety here on Wooplus. You can virtually do everything, especially if you decide that you are ready for a paid membership. It won’t cost you that much, and it will allow you to chat as much as you like.

You will also be able to see who liked you, fine-tune your search, restore your expired matches, cancel match countdown, double the potential matches every day, and send unlimited messages.

What you can do for free is: send some messages to browse without using the funnel, then make phone calls, upload pictures, showcase yourself within the news feed (moment section, remember?), and so on. By going to the Wooplus’ website, you will also find useful dating tips and advice about online safety and security.

Within the app, you will be able to change your notification settings, enhance the quality of your nastiness, and speed up the final burning of your phone. Also, we recommend using the “block list” feature, which belongs to the “settings” section. See mini-gear? It’s always that one.

Here you will see your blocked-users’ list, and you will be able to unblock them eventually.

Last but not least: the admin profile offers a featured service: they help you showcase yourself by planning a fixed number of posts about you. They will appear within the Moments feed, so every other user will see them as soon as they are published.

Safety & Security

Wooplus Safety & Security

Wooplus values your privacy and security online. The app asks your permission before getting access to the app store, and – by default – it asks you if you would like to partake your current location and image gallery.

Don’t back up; they are not fishing random photos from your phone. They just ask you permission for a connection, and it will be YOU who select the picture to upload within our profile.

Security measures are quite high; you can’t upload unclear and ambiguous pictures of yourself, so it’s a quiet, safe environment. Privacy settings are quite high, as well.

You need to keep in mind that you are subscribing to a dating app. They are targeted by hackers a lot, as personal identities offer a tasty business opportunity.

Is Wooplus Legit or Scam Service?

It is totally legit. There are no doubts about it, as if you pay for the service, you will get it as it’s described. We understand that some users complain when they log into a dating website, and they are kicked out, or they don’t want to pay, so they don’t get services. Also, they complain when they don’t earn a date and cannot meet their soul mate.

Here’s the sad truth: there’s nothing granted in this world. Maybe you are not fit to live in a couple, perhaps a hookup is the best option for you, or maybe you are just not interested in mating, and you are getting the cultural influence of your roommates, classmates, colleagues, friends, family, and so on.

Hence, all those complaints are not enough for us to consider a dating app a con. Do you get what you pay for? Yes. Are there thousands of users online and active? Yes. Does the service work? Yes. Can you check yourself whether there are handsome singles next to you, for free? Yes, you can, just use the simple search option. Therefore, Wooplus is totally legit.

Subscription Types and Price

Wooplus Types and Price

There is just one subscription possible; it’s called the VIP membership. You can sign-up and create a profile for free, and you can sneak into the website and find yourself a niche where to take long glances.

Is that enough for you? You will also be able to put “likes” and perform matches and chat with people. You will still have a limited number of messages, but you can basically do everything you want as a guest.

If you feel ready or be a permanent member, go for a VIP membership and feel the Wooplus’ vibe for a month. Even though subscribing for 12 months will help you save a lot of money per month. Beware, they are not refunding your money back, even if you are not satisfied with the service. Don’t try to circumvent this, and think twice before subscribing. Let’s get into more detail.

Free Membership

No special features available with a free membership, but you will still be able to save the day. The chat was not enough, but you chatted it. The browser was basic, but you browsed it. The likes were not many, but you liked them. The moment’s section is long, but you stared at it.

The future is ours, so let’s plan it. That’s all you can do with a free membership. It is a good starting point.

25,99$/3 months, 15,99$/1 month, and finally 46,99$/12 months, the cheapest.

You will be able to see who liked you, fine-tune your search, restore your expired matches, cancel match countdown, double the potential matches each day, and send unlimited messages.

As you can easily see, the 12-month subscription is the cheapest, although we don’t get how a user could feel boosted by knowing that, for a whole year, he/she won’t find anyone on a dating app. Isn’t this just the opposite of a working dating app? We don’t get it. Still, you are free to pay how much you want.

Website Design & Usability

Wooplus Design & Usability

The website usability is high, and you will understand – more or less – everything at first glance. According to users’ reviews, no one is getting involved in scams, so the high-security measures are meant to enhance instead of diminishing your user experience.

The app design is highly modern, it reminds Tinder a lot, with the pink, white and orange colors. We understand that it’s a core issue, the app usability, so everyone who is launching an app is doing their best to make it work. Wooplus follows the trend and succeeds.

Mobile Application

Wooplus Mobile Application

The app is available both for Android devices and for IOs ones. You won’t be bothered by malfunctioning: everything works just fine.

Contact Information

Company: Wooplus

Address: San Francisco CA, US

Phone: no phone number displayed within the website

E-mail: support@wooplus.com


Be wary of mainstream dating websites, and find comfort within the Wooplus niche, instead. You won’t be targeted with bad comments and bad vibes, as there are a lot of people finding curves attractive. Plus, the webmasters have a zero-tolerance policy, and they won’t let haters in.

The app works, although to fully disclose its features, you should pay. It’s cheap and packed with users. Now that you know all of that, it’s definitely up to you. Are you ready to find your curvy beauty?

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