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SingleParentMeet Review

SingleParentMeet Review
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Accessible and user-friendly website;
  • Chances to increase functionality through various tokens;
  • Possibilities of getting new matches each day;
  • A free mobile application for Android and iOS devices;
  • Reasonably pocket-friendly subscription plans;
  • A wide array of additional features for premium account owners;
  • Free sign up and login processes;
  • Large customer base with various diversities;
  • Long-term experience in the dating market.
  • Limitations for basic account owners;
  • Not popular in Asia and Africa;
  • Incidences of fake profiles;
  • Incidences of unfavorable relationships.

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Have you ever thought of how challenging it is for single parents to balance new relationships and take care of children? It is certainly not an easy balancing act!

Single parents face challenges when attempting to establish intimate relationships. There is a necessity to strike a balance between parenthood and new dawns of relationships. SingleParentMeet is a dating site of its kind as it provides hot single parents with various opportunities to meet their perfect match and build serious relationships.

Since its establishment in 2002, the site has changed the global outlook of single parents in making new relationships. Indeed, due to that factor, SingleParentMeet has brought many single parents together. As such, it has gained a reputation for being a leading dating site in that particular niche. So if you are a single parent with an ambition to establish a healthy relationship, the site is here for you. In the meantime, continue reading the review to have a clear glimpse of SingleParentMeet before making any move.

SingleParentMeet Review

How Does It Work?

SingleParentMeet is an online dating site that operates on the basis of determining user matches. Users can access the website and narrow down to profiles of people they fancy. The criteria for determining a perfect match include age, gender, the gender of interest, academic achievements, revenue, and geolocation information. The combination of such matching criteria enables elite single parents to meet people who have the same mindsets and even life experiences.

To increase your chances of getting the perfect match, it is essential to provide as much detail as possible in your profile.

It is essential to upgrade your account to a premium subscription to enjoy the best features of SingleParentMeet. Also, remember to compose a robust and clear profile to facilitate faster and timely matching.

Sign-Up & Login Process

SingleParentMeet accommodates the free signup process only for users who are18 years and above. However, one should provide valid personal information such as email addresses, so as to receive the account verification link. Other vital considerations include setting up a strong profile that will attract interests from other users. Upload a clear profile picture to increase the chances of meeting your perfect match. And lastly, set up a username and password.

If you follow instructions clearly, the signup process will be a success, and would only take up to 5 minutes. Also, consider reviewing the company’s privacy policy to have a glimpse of how to safeguard your personal data.

Profile Interface

SingleParentMeet provides its customers with a user-friendly interface that is easy to access and does not require any expertise to navigate. A profile interface is an essential feature to start your dating endeavors. Profile interfaces contain:

  • Basic personal information such as name, gender, age, the gender of interest, ethnicity, and geolocation data;
  • Spaces to view other users’ profiles;
  • Toolbar for other features;
  • Login and signup toggles.

Aim at setting up a good and robust profile. Upload a clear profile picture, as well as entering correct information about your interests, relationship status, among others. By doing so, your chances of meeting your lifetime partner are high.


Communication is essential for any dating endeavor. SingleParentMeet provides its premium subscribers with a wide array of communication features to enhance their dating experiences. Basic account holders have limitations in vital communication and matching searches. Premium account holders have access to live chats, whereby they can initiate and respond to online chats from their matches.

They also have the autonomy to narrow down matching criteria to suit their personal preferences. Other essential communication mechanisms available include sending and responding to flirts, notifyMe, sending and receiving virtual gifts, and connectMe.


Members Structure and Activities

SingleParentMeet boasts of a large customer base that has been increasing over time. Customers possess a variety of distinct characteristics ranging from individual attributes to economic factors. Notably, the dating giant enjoys tremendous customer backing in the US. Over 77,000 users originate from America. In respect of the male to female ratio, SingleParentMeet has more male subscribers than their female counterparts, with a distribution ratio of about 11:9(55%:45%).

The minimum registration age of users is 18 years. However, there are variations in user age distributions across different age groups. Here is a breakdown of user age distributions:

  • 18-24 years (25%);
  • 25-34 years (15%);
  • 35-44 years (26%);
  • 45-54 years (23%);
  • Over 55 years (12%).

Despite such breakdown on user age, it is essential to note that the age distribution keeps on changing, bearing in mind that the website continues to gain more customers. Every month, over 400 new users register with SingleParentMeet. The site receives about 250000 new visitors in the same period.

User Age

SingleParentMeet accommodates customers of all age brackets except those who have not attained the minimum threshold of 18 years. All that counts is the user’s interest in forming and attaining a sustainable relationship with their matches. Basing an argument on the age distribution, the majority of SingleParentMeet users fall into 18 to 54 years category, which contributes to about 88% of the total customers.

Sexual Preferences

SingleParentMeet accommodates all types of sexes and gender orientations. Users are able to filter their preferences on the gender of interest in various categories, including:

  • Men looking for women;
  • Women looking for men;
  • Men looking for men;
  • Women looking for women.

Evidently, it does not matter whether you are straight, lesbian, or gay. What matters most is your quench to establish a reliable and sustainable relationship with your gender of interests.

Race and Ethnicity

SingleParentMeet is a global dating site that accommodates all available ethic groups in global contexts. Despite being an all-inclusive dating site, over 70% of its users are Caucasians or whites. Consider the breakdown below:

  • Asians (2%);
  • African Americans (13%);
  • Caucasians (74%);
  • Latinos (10%);
  • Others (1%).

Similar to age data, such ethnic distributions are prone to change as the site continues to grow and expand in the global dating market.

Religious Orientation

There are no valid definitions of religious characteristics as they are not a necessity when building user profiles. However, it depends on individual preferences to determine whether indicating user religion is essential. Technically, SingleParentMeet accommodates all religions, including:

  • Christians;
  • Muslims;
  • Spiritualists;
  • Atheists and other available religions.
Religious Orientation

SingleParentMeet Dating Website Features

When it comes to describing the available features, SingleParentMeet users have a wide array of enjoyable feature packages that facilitate communication. Notably, to access a variety of features, customers should upgrade their accounts. However, even standard account holders have some access to vital features available on the website. Some essential features include:

  • Profile interfaces
  • Access to personal profile is the basic feature that both standard and premium account holders access. Profiles enable users to set their personal data, edit their preferences, and initiate chats with their matches.

  • Tokens
  • Unlike other dating sites, SingleParentMeet provides its users with token packages that are useful in enabling access to other features. Such tokens come at a small cost.

  • Virtual gifts
  • Users can send virtual gifts to their matches as a sign of appreciation. Such gifts rely heavily on the tokens available.

  • PromoteME
  • Such a large dating site as SingleParentMeet has a very broad customer base. The possibility of getting lost within such a website is high. PromoteME feature enables the website to boost your profile so that you can feature in multiple searches.

  • NotifyMe:
  • This is a unique feature that notifies premium users when their flirting matches are back on the system. Such notifications enable users to initiate romantic chats with a view of starting strong relationships and friendships.

  • 24/7 Support
  • A reliable support team is essential in handling all customer issues. Customer issues such as privacy policy factors, website inaccessibility, and subscription issues demand timely and precise answers. A 24/7 support team is a great feature of SingleParentMeet.

Safety & Security

SingleParentMeet operates on a robust privacy policy that aims at safeguarding and protecting individual data from unauthorized access and manipulation from third-party entities and fraudsters. The company’s privacy policy comes with a distinct stipulation on the company’s commitment to protecting individual information. As per their privacy policy, individual users play the following essential roles in upholding their data safety:

  • Have the liberty and autonomy to block any suspicious profile that possesses intimidating motives and any perceived fraudulent perspectives;
  • Have the right to request SingleParentMeet for account deletion or delete their account through merely accessing the ‘delete’ option available on their profiles’ toolbars;
  • Have absolute freedom of editing and correcting their personal information without any external or system interruptions;
  • Report any potential suspicious incidence that may threaten information security.

Correspondingly, the dating site management is commuted to:

  • Apply relevant managerial, physical, and electronic measures to protect personal data from third-party invasion or manipulation;
  • Comply with available statutory provisions governing the handling of individual data;
  • Provide users with a privacy policy document for reference;
  • Answer any question regarding allegations of mishandling personal information;
  • Delete personal data from the official database upon a formal request from individual users;
  • Treat individual preferences as personal, not disclosing any deformity or customer deficiencies to any third-party entity;
  • Review profiles to pinpoint potential frauds and fake accounts profiles.

Is SingleParentMeet Legit or Scam Service?

Without a reasonable doubt, SingleParentMeet is a legit dating site that has transformed the global dating architecture. Its ability to respond to the intimate needs of single parents has been a plus to the dating market. Further, questions of its legitimacy are answered by:

  • A positive reputation in the global dating market;
  • A long-term experience that spans to almost two decades of operations;
  • Success stories from previous users;
  • A robust privacy policy to safeguard individual information.
Is SingleParentMeet Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

SingleParentMeet provides its customers with two distinct membership types. Namely: a basic account membership, and a premium subscription account. Standard accounts are free for everybody as long as you meet the minimum age of 18years, as well as you are a single mother or a single father. Basically, it entails the usual sign up and login process that enables users to create a profile and access a few features on the website and application.

Premium accounts, on the other hand, involve set subscription plans that enable users to enjoy the price of their subscriptions. Certainly, premium account owners enjoy a wide array of features that facilitate their dating activities. SingleParentMeet provides customers with the following subscription plans:

  • 1-month subscription for $16.99;
  • 3-months subscription for $39.07($13.02/month);
  • 6-month subscription plan for $45.85($7.64/month).

Alongside the three subscription plans, a one-time processing fee of $3.99 is charged to first-time subscribers. Also, members can access the following token packages:

  1. 25 tokens for $0.99;
  2. 110 tokens for $3.99;
  3. 280 tokens for $9.99.

All the subscription fees are payable through credit cards and PayPal. Notably, such a subscription is automatic unless account users opt against renewal options. Additionally, SingleParentMeet dating site provides customers with provision for upgrading procedures, as well as regulations and expectations about refunds upon the deactivation of a premium account. Consider visiting the site for more information about such commitments.

Free Membership

SingleParentMeet provides its customers with opportunities to register free basic accounts. Free membership is, however, a disadvantage to the user because they cannot access adequate features. There are notable restrictions in aspects of autonomy in initiating texts and chats, among others. However, free sign up enables the user to:

  • Created a free profile;
  • View their matches;
  • Send flirts to other users;
  • Add a photo to their profiles;
  • Search for new matches;
  • Access tokens that would help them in future account upgrading;
  • Like photos in other people’s profiles.

SingleParentMeet provides many opportunities for premium subscribers as the ultimate reward for their subscription. Unlike basic account holders, premium subscribers have the autonomy to choose from a variety of features that are at their disposal. To start with, they enjoy features for basic accounts, that is, free registration, accessing other people’s profile pictures, send flirts, among others.

Additionally, they have access to the following vital features:

  • NotifyME: enables the user to know when their flirting matches are online so that they can initiate a chat;
  • PromoteMe: enables the user to get featured into multiple search criteria to uphold their chances of meeting their perfect matches;
  • Virtual gifts: premium account holders access token packages that enable them to send virtual gifts to their matches as a sign of gratitude;
  • MatcheME: a feature that helps first-time subscribers to access to daily matches through various matching criteria;
  • 24/7 support team: premium account holders can ask questions regarding any issue of concern and get a timely response. Such features are essential to bolster dating opportunities.
Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

SingleParentMeet website comprises of favorable designs that aid the simplicity and accessibility. Users don’t require much knowledge or expertise to understand website fonts. Additionally, the company’s website integrates proper themes to bring about the feeling of elegance and serenity. Notably, the site lacks overwhelming graphics that may be unfavorable to users who prefer cool domain designs. To conclude the website usability, users of all ages can easily maneuver through the site and independently initiate several activities.

Mobile Application

SingleParentMeet developed a free mobile application as a way of diversifying approaches for the users. The app is available for Android and iOS-powered tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Such a move has been a plus to the company since users have access choices at their disposal. SingleParentMeet application adequately complements the parent website. In the aspect of access to different features, the app is a robust platform full of goodies, particularly for premium account holders. It enables users to:

  • Send and receive multiple emails;
  • See profiles of people who are interested in you;
  • Get confirmations when someone reads your message;
  • Complete your profile properly with ease;
  • View daily matches;
  • Access free signup and login processes;
  • Access to the privacy policy.
Mobile Application

Contact Information

Company: People Media, Inc.

Address: 8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75231

Phone: 866-320-0106

Email: supports@SingleParentMeet


SingleParentMeet is a yes to elite single parents who have genuine quench for fostering longterm friendships, intimacy, and even marriages. The dating giant has long-term experience in the global dating arena. Since 2002, the site has transformed, shaped, and led the online dating platform by providing dating opportunities to the vulnerable section of any society. Certainly, single parents face problems of even victimization in contemporary society. Therefore, SingleParentMeet targeted a special niche in the community.

Additionally, the site has surpassed the questions for legitimacy thanks to its ability to provide its customers with various features to bolster their intimacy chances. Hopefully, following the review of this dating website, you can now make a bold move and visit SingleParentMeet.

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