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Sexsearch Review

Sexsearch Review
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 765 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Sexsearch is an inclusive platform that focuses on real-life dates that are a perspective of online communication
  • An aspect of sexual relations is its main merit, where people who register on Sexsearch do look for adult hookups
  • Sexsearch is an international platform where people of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are welcome to explore their limits
  • It is possible to encounter fake profiles on research
  • Free membership features might seem to be rather limited

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How Does It Work?

Only registered users can employ Sexsearch services. On Sexsearch, people can look for men, women, as well as straight or gay couples. Their review suggests that these services suit perfectly those people who look for casual sex. One of the most important aspects of Sexsearch is that it allows people to find hookups in their geographical area. People can match with other users who are nearby. Search location preferences are well adjustable in relation to many aspects. All profiles are discreet but must be verified with an email address. Having registered, all users are able to look for other people in an area nearby or adjust their search criteria after upgrading to a premium account. After people establish communication with their potential partners, they can easily start hooking up on Sexsearch.

How Does It Work

Sign-Up & Login Process

In order to sign up, all users need to create a personal profile. All profiles are endowed with a high level of privacy and security. There is an initial need to create a username and a password. Once that procedure has been finished, users need to verify their email address. There is also an initial need to indicate certain personal data about who a person is and who they are looking for. After creating a profile and indicating essential preferences about a partner on Sexsearch, all users can finish filling out their profile, underlining their kinks and other aspects of their personality. On the whole, the registration process is rather very quick, and there is no need to go through a personality test. All profiles on Sexsearch are easily approved if the information provided is correct. It is also possible to log in with Facebook.

Profile Interface

Every profile features some basic info about a person. There is also information that provides background about a person’s preferences, kinks, and fetishes. It appears to be rather important to note that every profile must also contain information about what people look for. Be that sexual preferences, preferences of a particular partner, or other types of data. On a personal profile, users can also upload their pictures and video so that their communication on Sexsearch would be more interesting. Every Sexsearch user is welcome to edit their profile, to upgrade an account to the premium ones, and adjust their search in every possible way. There is also a description of who a person looks for on Sexsearch and what for. Additionally, there is information about the marital status of a person; one’s sexual orientation, type of body, height, and other characteristics. One can find a more detailed description in “My stats.” Essential profile features also include match lists, zodiac facets, and history of matching and communication on Sexsearch.


The matching process on Sexsearch features a search that is based on the location of all users and preferences of the type of person they look for. Those preferences are also indicated on a personal profile page, where there is ethnicity of a preferred partner, a gender, body type, and other types of different aspects. What is most important is that matching is a manual process, where users have a suggested list of other people with whom they can start communicating. It is also important that all free members do not need to pay to message someone on Sexsearch. There is also a live video chat available.


Members Structure and Activities

There are people of many different ages and gender whom users can meet on Sexsearch. There is no exact amount of total members indicated, but general stats state that millions of users are available worldwide. There is also no particular differentiation in terms of age on Sexsearch, but no minor users can become members of Sexsearch. There is a strict policy that prohibits anyone who is under 18 years old to become a member of the Sexsearch. Every minor profile that is revealed will definitely be reported and permanently banned. On the whole, there is no limitation in terms of any type of background, be that ethnicity, race, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or anything else. All users are welcome to meet their perfect sex date. On Sexsearch, people browse for other users who align with their preferences so that they can start their communication and potentially take it to a level of sexual hookup. Live video chatting is an additional feature that allows people on Sexsearch to get to know each other more closely.

Users Age

As it has already been pointed out, on Sexsearch, there is no user who is differentiated in relation to age. In fact, there is no discrimination that could occur on Sexsearch. However, due to an adult theme of sex search website, all users are required to be over 18 years old in order to become registered members. For this reason, there is a need to go through a verification procedure, having verified one’s email and indicated a date of birth. Every user profile that is under 18 years old will be reported and most likely banned for a permanent period.

Sexual Preferences

One of Sexsearch main merits is that it is an inclusive platform that considers the interests and rights of straight people, as well as an LGBTQ community. For this reason, everyone can find a perfect match for a sexual hookup of any gender and sexual orientation. Apparently, a variety of choices in terms of sexual orientation is rather an extended one. It is that during a registration procedure itself, there is a need to point out the gender of a person that a user will be looking for. At this point, it is possible to choose a straight male or female person for a hookup. Users can also search for gay people, as well as straight and gay couples. This way, there are no apparent limitations in terms of sexual preferences search on Sexsearch.

Sexual Preferences

Race And Ethnicity

As it has already been indicated, Sexsearch is an inclusive platform that respects all rights and interests of minorities. It is apparent that Sexsearch does encourage people of all different races and ethnic backgrounds to become members of their service because with this, there would be diversity. It is more encouraging for people from all over the globe to chat with and meet other users of different backgrounds. At this point, there is no apparent differentiation in terms of racial or ethnic background on Sexsearch.

Religious Orientation

Sexsearch does no originally specify their religious specs. There is no official religious specification on Sexsearch. To be more exact, Sexsearch service does disregard its members’ religious background, but it also does not differentiate them in accordance with it. Religious background is not that important on Sexsearch. There might be certain categories of people who are Sexsearch members that coalign their kinks and fetishes with religious preferences. In such a case, it would be possible to define a particular category of research users to whom religious orientation is rather specific. At the same time, the Sexsearch service itself does not point out a religious aspect of its community or any other types of religious categorization.

Sexsearch Dating Website Features

The main functionality of Sexsearch includes browsing for other people’s profiles, video chatting, and real-life hookups. Yet, in terms of the operation of their website, there is are many more features that make the experience of every user to be unique. Users can look for local matches that are limited in relation to a particular geographical territory. People can also look at who is currently using live video chatting, see uploaded videos of other members, check out a list of hottest members and friends. There are additional functions of checking a forum, news feed, profile views, requests, messages, and dates calendar. Some features are available for free, but others are accessible only for paid users. On Sexsearch, there is an included function of flirt, where users can use it to start a conversation. All users on Sexsearch can also send intimate cards to other people, where a sexual context is featured. All these functions are free.

Sexsearch Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

Even though it does not take long to create a profile on Sexsearch, every profile is highly secured and well protected. Every user must put in some essential registration data while also have one’s email verified. It is important to indicate a person’s age so that it would appear to be evident whether that user is not a minor. To be more specific, one must also underline that private messaging is encrypted, and there is multiple level protection for all payments on Sexsearch. At this point, users do not need to worry about their privacy and security because those are highly respected and well taken care of. There is no history of any data leaks or scams on Sexsearch, which is why everyone on this service must be assured of personal security.

Is Sexsearch Legit or Scam Service?

Certain features might make Sexsearch users question the legitness of this service. Some profiles might seem to be a little in terms of their authenticity. For this reason, some users might occur to think that many of Sexsearch profiles are fake. Some may as well happen to suspect that other profiles are used for money soliciting, which is why the reputation of Sexsearch might be a little undermined. At the same time, by browsing and starting to chat, Sexsearch users can make sure that other people’s profiles on this service are indeed real, and there is no need to worry about a scam. Every suspicious profile that might be a scam or used for money soliciting will definitely be reported and permanently banned.

Subscription Types and Price

As everybody has probably been able to already figure out, there are two types of membership on Sexsearch: a free and a paid one. Free membership features some of the essential features that allow users to have their profiles verified, browse for other people, and get hookups that they look for. At the same time, there is a premium membership that functions rather differently because it gives all users an extended set of Sexsearch features. Some features like joining group video chats, gifts, likes, and many more come to be available mostly for paid users. Paid membership starts with one month for 24.99 USD per month. There is also a VIP add-on that costs 14.90 USD a month.

Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

Free membership on Sexsearch does not require any type of payment and includes some of the most basic features. Free members on Sexsearch can browse, send an email, send a wink, send a card, add a favorite, view members’ photos, send the profile to friends, and flirt. Other, more extended features are foreseen to be used by paid members only.

As it has already been specified, paid membership includes a more extended set of features in comparison to a free account. Paid members can view media galleries, view x-rated photos, use Sexsearch advanced search facilities, chat online with their web cameras, use a built-in text chat, send and read and an unlimited amount of emails. Besides that, there is also a VIP account, which features a connection to both gold and free members, priority listing, allows sex chat users to be visible to all members, and to get other benefits. The prices are 1 Month, 24.99 USD / Month, with a total of 24.99 USD; 3 Months 6.66 USD / Month, with a total of 19.99 USD; 6 Months 2.50 USD / Month, with a total of 14.99 USD. VIP add-on for 1 Month is 14.90 USD / Month, with a total of 14.90 USD.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

On the whole, Sexsearch website design is very user friendly and quite simple in terms of figuring out how to use it. On the left, there is a set of basic functions on Sexsearch. All suggested profiles are featured in the form of a list or a template in according sections. The registration procedure is also very simple and does not require a significant amount of time. Messaging and video chatting are additional features that supplement a friendly user design of Sexsearch. At the same time, the search is highly customizable. Personal profile settings also allow all users to be able to manage their profile in every possible way. An encouraging profile description increases the chances of all users for a perfect real-life hookup on Sexsearch.

Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

There are many mobile applications on the market that have a similar name. However, Sexsearch service does not present its users with a mobile application of any kind. At this point, the main version is a desktop version on a computer browser. There is certainly a mobile version of their site, and it could be accessed from a phone and from a computer as well. Yet, the main version of Sexsearch is their desktop website available on all browsers.

Contact Information

Experienced Internet Inc. 8770 Sunset Drive, #190, Miami, Florida, 33173, USA. Customer Support: 8669945908


Sexsearch is an adult dating site. The main specific of Sexsearch is featured browsing for people in nearby areas, who also look for hookups. For the most part, people register on Sexsearch to find a sex partner who shares their sexual fantasies or simply wants to find a one night stand. An overall registration procedure is rather very simple and does not take much time. Users need to come up with a personal username, a password and have their emails verified. Everyone must put in their preferences before the registration process. With this, a system would be able to adjust the search from the very beginning. On the whole, premium features are rather affordable, but most of all, essential features are already available free of charge. User privacy and data security are also well taken care of, while these are some of the company’s main priorities. Be that as it may, there is a need to point out that Sexsearch is not one of a kind service, while there are many others. Still, there are plenty of unique features that allow this service to be distinguishable from its competitors’ background. This platform is a worthy service for those who desire real-life communication on Sexsearch and want to express their sexual desires and deepest fantasies.

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