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SexFinder review

SexFinder review
About Site
Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 56%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 330 000
Reply Rate 42%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Has more women than men
  • It is an excellent site to find hookups and casual sex
  • Has a lot of pretty girls
  • Most profiles are real
  • You can sign up as a male, female, or transgender. You can also sign up as a couple
  • You can sign up even if you are gay.
  • The basic account holder has limited features
  • No available mobile application
  • May facilitate prostitution and other unhealthy relationship
  • Have incidences of fake profiles

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If you want to hook up and have casual sex, then SexFinder is the dating site that you should use. The site has plenty of sexy girls, and you can not mix one who is your type and will excite you sexually. SexFinder is perfect for you if you do not want a long term relationship or you want a low commitment relationship. It is a perfect dating site if you want sex and nothing more serious. So is SexFinder the best site to look for hookups in your area? Read on to find out more about this site. We shall review its sign-up process, its pros and cons, and so much more. Strap in as we review the SexFinder dating site in detail. Therefore, without much ado,let us get right into it!

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

As earlier mentioned, SexFinder is a dating site where you can hook up with beautiful women. One of the factors which set this dating site apart is that it has more sexy ladies than men. Most other sites have more men than ladies, and getting lucky to find a girl might be tricky. However, for this site, it is quite easy for you as a guy to get laid. The site has over 60 million members, which means that you have endless opportunities to get the girl of your dreams – at least for the night. It is also effortless to join the site. It does not have a lot of requirements. You only have to be over 18, sign up, upload your photos, fill up your profile, and find the partner of your dreams.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process is straightforward, as all, you are required to do fill up these forms.

  • Dialog Box 1

Here, you are required to fil in your gender. You can fill in as a male, female, or transgender. For more fun, you can also register as a couple.

  • Dialog Box II

In the second dialog box, you state whether you are interested in men, women, transgender, or you are interested in other couples. You canalso indicate if you are interested in transgender members.

  • Dialog Box III

Fill in your day of birth and location. The purpose of filling your location Is to help the app match you with people who are in your locality.

  • Dialog Box IV

In this dialog box, you will be required to fill in your sexual orientation (gay, straight, bisexual, or bi-curious), your body type, and your marital status (divorced, married, separated, widowed, or single). All these options are on the drop-down menu. If you are not comfortable revealing this information, you can select the “Prefer Not to Say” option.

  • Dialog Box V

This is the juncture you let your creative juices flow. You will be required to write a short description of yourself. Write a short and sweet description stating your interests and what you are looking for in a sex partner. The site also has a “Writing Ideas” option, which you can use if you do not know what to say.

After this, click done, and the site will send you an activation link to your email.

Go to the activation link and click on it to access the platform.

Good job! You have successfully created your profile on SexFinder.

To log in, open the platform and fill in your username and password and start looking for that hot girl.

Profile Interface

Profile interface

The site is a champion of bringing like-minded individuals together as far as sex is concerned. The profile interface of the site is very interactive, as you can fill out what you are looking for ina partner. The partner can be male, female, transgender, bisexual, or they can also be a couple if you are the adventurous type.

Although the site is all about sex and casual dating, you should non-less present yourself in a friendly manner. To help you find the best matches, the site asks you some questions which you should answer as correctly as possible. If you are not truthful in your answers, then you might get a mismatch. To have a perfect profile, include at leasta dozen pictures. By so doing, you will most likely get messages, clicks, and likes.

SexFinder has a personality test that shows what type a person you are on your profile, depending on the answers of these tests. The tests can be lengthy, and most people do not take the quizzes. But to stand out from the crowd, you might answer one or two questions on the personality test.

The first test is on your personality type. This test shows who you are as an individual, romantic partner, and as a friend.

You can provide more information about yourself in the additional questions section. Here, you can talk all about your bedroom fantasies, activities, and accessories. You can answer questions about your goals and aspirations.

The third test is called the Purity Test.SexFinder will ask you questions and then determine your test score. You can either be a lustful novice or a sexual beast depending on your score.

The last test is called My Kinks. You state all the sexual experiments that you would want to have. You can choose to be the receiver, doer, or spectator of the sexual activities that you prefer. You also get an idea of what to expect in a sexual partner.

The tests are useful as they will help make your profile more appealing since potential partners know the kind of person they are dealing with through your profile.


SexFinderapplies several mechanisms to enhance the process of determining your matches and preferences. Often, there must be search criteria entries that include age, a relationship of preference, gender option, among others. Also, the company provides its premium users with the ability to initiate communication through live chats, flirting options, and emails.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

One of the reasons that SexFinder has over 60 million members is because it is very interactive, and it is a simple-to-use platform. The site has members as young as 18years and those who are 55 and above. Of the 60 million users, the majority are found in the USA, although the site has a global reach. The site enjoys over 76,000 weekly logins as people spend hours on the site as they search and enjoy themselves. As earlier stated, SexFinder is a unique dating site for casual sex since it has more female members than male members. These women are not only active but are hot as well. The female members account for a whopping 70% while the male members account for 30%.

Users Age

Users Age

Most members on the platform have ages ranging from 24 to 35 years. SexFinderalso has members who are younger or older. Below is the age distribution on SexFinder.

  • 18-24 years male account for 4% while female account for 9%
  • 25-34 years male account for 9% while female account for 22%
  • 35-44 years male account for 5% while female account for 11%
  • 45-55 years male account for 5% while female account for 12%
  • 55 years and above male account for 7% while female account for 16%

In every age bracket on the platform, women are more than men.

Sexual Preferences

SexFinder does not discriminate with regard to sexual orientation. It does not matter if you are straight, gay, or bi-sexual- you are welcome to the site. When you are signing up, you can choose any gender that you want to interact with. It is also possible to find a sexual partner based on their sexual preference. You can find a gay partner, a straight partner, or even couples.

Race And Ethnicity

The site is open to people of all races and ethnicity.

SexFinder has Caucasians, African Americans, Latinos, and members from every nationality. But Americans dominate the site.

Religious Orientation

The site does not encourage religious activities. Neither does it discourage anybody from any religious background from joining. You can be a Hindu, Christian, Atheist, orany other religious orientation. The primary purpose of signing up with SexFinder is to find your sexual partner as fast and as quickly as possible. Therefore, your religious orientation is of no consequence.

SexFinder Dating Website Features

SexFinder Dating Website Features

SexFinder is a real deal when it comes to providing exceptional features for its customers. Indeed, customers subscribe to SexFinder to enjoy a wide array of intimate opportunities that are not common elsewhere. To start with, the site provides its users with a variety of options to satisfy their quench for naughty sexual preferences, open relationships, and horny housewives. Some vital features include:

  • A hotlist feature where there is storage for trendy profiles and videos-customers can view such profiles and videos.
  • Live chats to enable users to initiate and reply to flirting messages
  • Sex academy –The platform where users can check and watch some erotic videos and chats to sharpen sexual skills and competencies ready for casual sex adventures.
  • Reliable customer support system – users can register their concerns with the assurance of getting timely and helpful assistance from the support team.
  • Customers can access free photo and video uploads
  • Blogs – customers have access to various blog articles aboutdifferent topics, including dating experiences and tips.

Notably, many features are designed for premium account holders, with standard account owners facing the necessity to upgrade their accounts.

Safety and security

Safety and security

SexFinder operates on a perception that customer information’s safety and security is the utmost goal. The dating site applies a comprehensive privacy policy that provides various data safety protocols. However, customers need to read and understand the company’s privacy policy and commitment declarations before they sign up for SexFinder. Also, users should appreciate the fact that they also have essential roles to play when it comes to protecting and upholding personal data safety.

In endeavors to respond to questions of data safety and security, SexFinder applies a multidimensional physical, managerial, and software infrastructure. These measures are aimed at safeguarding personal information and tackle any fraudulent or unauthorized access and data manipulation. Some vital aspects of privacy include:

  • Providing customers with opportunities to edit and have full control of their profile information
  • Commitment to ensuring appropriate sharing of individual data with a third-party service provider
  • User autonomy to request for data and account deletion through cooperating with the support
  • User ability to block any interruptions from other users who have malicious or unfriendly approaches
  • Rights to stop auto subscription plans.

Is SexFinder Legit or Scam?

Undoubtedly, SexFinder.com is a legit dating site that has maneuvered in the global dating sector for a period extending to about 4 years. That is a reasonably short time in comparison to other dating sites. SexFinder has commanded a reasonably substantial share of users that stretch to over 60 million users and counting. The realization of such a large customer base has been due to customer satisfaction and the convenience of the website. SexFinder’s ability to uphold and protect individual data has been a plus to the dating giant. Certainly, the question of SexFinder’s legitimacy is now irrelevant as it has proven all doubters wrong!

Subscription Types and Price

Subscription Types and Price

SexFinder customers have the autonomy and liberty to choose the subscription plan that suits them the best. Often, the dating company provides two main membership types – standard membership and a premium plan. The basic membership entails the initial opening of a SexFinder account by merely feeding the correct personal information alongside filling registration forms, and subsequently, logging in to the website. Basic accounts have restrictions on service access and features.

The premium account encompasses automatic subscription plans upon which customers have the freedom to choose. Often, there are three subscription plans for SexFinder customers, namely:

  • 1-month subscription for $29.99
  • 3 months subscription at $19.99 per month, totaling to $59.96
  • 12-month subscription plan at $14.99 per month, totaling to $179.82

Notably, premium account holders have a wide array of opportunities and advantages in accessing essential SexFinder features.

Free Membership

The free membership is the basic start-up account accessible through signing up and setting the login details and a profile that encompasses several individual data. The data includes username, age, ethnicity, zip codes, gender, the gender of preferences, and other personal descriptions.

Some features that are available for standard accounts include:

  • Free sign up and login process
  • Access to only 10 messages sent by other users
  • Limited photo uploads
  • Accumulation of points once the user accesses and initiates any activity on the website

SexFinder premium users have a wide array of features at their disposal. Upon the payment of any of the three subscription plans, customers have an opportunity to:

  • Access live chats, where they can initiate and reply flirt messages from interesting matches
  • Access the sex academy platform for sharpening their sexual skills and preparedness
  • View the hotlist features, where they can see and enjoy trending profile uploads
  • Have free access to photo and video uploads
  • Access reliable customer service support throughout their endeavors
  • Access to blogs and forums to enhance their dating experiences

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

SexFinder.com respects that dating experiences require a peaceful, serene, and elegant atmosphere that brings about love and intimate feeling. The SexFinder website is easy to access with a simple user interface that does not demand any expertise. Anything about the website is as beautiful as love itself. For instance, the SexFinder website design integrates cool colors that resonate well with lovers. A reasonably dark background theme, with graphics of people making love – this is a real deal in enhancing user anticipations and expectations.

Mobile Application

SexFinder does not have a mobile application yet. However, the company provides a user-friendly website through the integration of mobile beta versions. Such versions enable customers to enjoy fast, reliable, and easy access to the website. The mobile beta version eliminates the struggles and hassles of finding a lover. Surely, such versions adequately eliminate necessities for a mobile application.

Contact Information

Company: SexFinder

Address: www.SexFinder.com


888-575-8383(US free toll)

08000988311(UK free toll)

1800954607(AU free toll)

Email: team@adultfriendfinder.com



SexFinderis a real deal in enhancing your dating endeavors. Whether you are looking for casual sex, flirting spaces and autonomy, long-term relationships, and all sort of intimate fun, SexFinder provides you with all preferable features to suit your distinct preferences. However, it is essential to note that everything pretty and reliable comes at a cost. SexFinder provides you with some favorable subscription plans that are automatic to ensure that you continue to enjoy a wide array of features without disturbances. Upon upgrading your account, SexFinder is all that you need for a pleasurable and magnificent journey. Simply visit www SexFinder.com and witness a dating endeavor of your choice and convenience.

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