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OneNightFriend Review

OneNightFriend Review
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 24-30
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 3.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy interface;
  • Very quick sign-up;
  • All the chatting and browsing services are free;
  • No ads.
  • Many users are not active.

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How Does It Work?

Maybe long days and nights are standing in front of you as a single person. We suppose that if you are here, you might be triggered by the idea of spoiling modern technology to get better at dating. Do you wish you had a decent friend with benefits? Now it’s time to take action and find yourself a useful tool, not only for long-term friendships but also for a “one night friend.”

See the company logo? A set of keys with a glowing heart on it. If you are already tasting the wonders OneNightFriend, follow us in this review, and we will help you understand if this is a legit website.

First of all, the registration is free, so you can take a look at yourself if you are not a read-the-instructions-first type of person. If you usually rely on the expert’s opinion, we will tell you what you will find on OneNightFriend.

First of all, you can sign-up for free. Only a few information about you, and then you will be on board. Once on the website, you will be able to see other users’ profiles. Everyone who’s here has been checked through e-mail, so there should not be huge fakers.

As soon as you are in, you will quickly understand all the other extra functions of the website, but basically, that’s it: you create a beautiful and sexy profile, select people, and write them something, of they write to you, first. Then, the magic of the flirting conversation, and then it will be up to you to set a date, if you like to and if the other person agrees. This is a basic dating website, more focused on hookups. Let’s get a closer look.

Sign-Up & Login Process


Signing-up is a piece of cake—no time-consuming steps, no useless confirmations, no fading pages on your short way to OneNightFriend. It is, for sure, a working feature within the website, and we can’t honestly complain about it.

You will just need to go to the main page of Onenightstand, and the registration form will display right in front of your popping eyes. Don’t start being overwhelmed by the pictures you see; they are meant to lure you in; they are not real members. At least, we haven’t found them online, no matter how much we were searching.

Once you have written down your username, e-mail, age, and gender, everything will be just fine. Find at the bottom of the page a useful bar, showing you the progress of the sign-up process. Once you have completed all the sections in the form, you will be asked to confirm your e-mail. It is just an extra security step, required by the webmasters to prove you are not a well-trained robot.

No racism against robots, but they always show bad intentions towards humans, as movies like Ex Machina show us quite well. If you are just a bot who has developed a human conscience, this is not the place for you: after getting your e-mail confirmed, you will be asked to upload a profile picture. Here we go with the first restrictions: no under-aged pictures, no images of another sex, no landscapes—just the real you.

You can skip the image upload, as well as the profile editing if you would like to save this moment for later. If you are going to compile your profile now, here’s what you can do.

Profile Interface

There we go, now it’s time for you to complete your profile section. Don’t open your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey that won’t be helpful to convey the real image of who you are. It’s usually better for people to showcase themselves honestly, without making up stories.

Otherwise, you may look like a fake, or worse, a scammer. It’s none of our business, so let’s move on checking the profile’s fields. See the place where to upload the profile picture? Just click on the “upload” tab, and the website will connect to your computer’s folders immediately. Browse and look for a photo. It is easy.

Now you can start filling the form with your eyes color, height, tattoos, and piercings. You can say whether you smoke and drink, or not. You will find the profile editing icon on the top right of the main OneNightFriend’s page, so no big deal if you skip a step, or if you miss some core detail of your life, like that you have kids, or which is your religion. Never too late to conceal or to show more.


Now go on to the main page. Here you will be able to search for men or women. You will see how it works; it’s a first-glance feature. The magnifying glass is always a solution if you are about to browse, and OneNightFriend is no exception.

Here we go with the first feature, the advanced search one. Here’s the wise man advice: don’t abuse of it. It might be overwhelming, especially if it’s the first time on a dating website.

Advanced filters seek directly among the fields you have been selecting before, during your profile compilation. So, you are at livestock at a mall, selecting your product in a glass.

It’s not how love and attractions laws work in real life, isn’t it? We reviewers strongly believe in attraction laws, even if they occur through an algorithm.

So, our recommendation is to browse manually at first. See that wonderful couple of eyes? You couldn’t have spotted them with an advanced search. You can click on the chat button and chat with him/her.

Are you too lazy to perform a manual search? Here’s what you can do: use the “flirtcast” tab. It’s a quite common feature among dating websites, and apparently, some users have said they like it. We can agree, only if you take flirtcast for what it is: a game. It works like this: the website automatically suggests a phrase. You select it. You send it to a random set of members. And it’s done, your next friendship or hookup is a chance’s matter, now. Those are the primary communication forms within OneNightFriend. Easy, understandable, a little shallow, though.

Members Structure and Activities

OneNightFriend Structure

The members are various, and they can come from every corner of America. There is no real hurdle preventing people from the outside to come in, not even the IP filter.

So, it’s still possible to find a voyeur from other countries or a pen-pal seeker. By the way, there are far more men than women, and many women look like actresses or fakers. It is not a big deal if you are looking for a conversation, but an annoying fact is if you are here to find a real hookup or date.

So, the members’ range is extensive, and, as said, you can find mostly Americans among them. We can’t say there are thousands of users online, as the website claims on the main page. There are fewer. Maybe the website’s owners are considering all the members and not just the active members.

Users Age

The average user’s age is not clear, as there are a lot of inactive members. Let’s say the men are around 40 years old, and the women around 25.

If this is the scenario you are looking for, as a man or as a woman, then go on. But, consider that the high number of fake members may, unfortunately, tackle the success of your final goal.

There are no under-aged members, at least by what we could see after having performed our tests.

Sexual Preferences

There are a lot more straight people than homosexual people. We could tell by a scan to the vast majority of profiles: this is a straight-minded website. So, if you are looking for a same-sex night, you might find other useful tools around the web.

Race and Ethnicity

There are many ethnicities on this site. Everything depends on which perspective you decide to look the issue from if you are focused on a single ethnicity and giving another crew a chance would mean to lower your standards, then maybe you should change the website.

If you pick a very famous one, you will find more and more users, for sure. And the bigger the platform is, the more likely it is to match the type you like.

Then, you need to consider that the members here are not that active. Know this before you proceed.

Religious Orientation

We admit our ignorance: we don’t know a religion allowing its members to hookup. From our low experience of all world’s religions, we can state that usually like-minded people are found more likely in like-minded websites.

Go to a branded religious website, if you are looking for a soulmate. Here on OneNightFriend, a lot of people are craving for a one-night friend.

OneNightFriend Dating Website Features

The magnifying glass is the best browsing solution, as he has said, but this specific dating website also offers the manual search feature.

Please, don’t abuse of the advanced search ever. It might be overwhelming and amazing, especially if it’s the first time on a dating website: it will give you the impression you will get precisely the profile you were looking for. But getting too narrow also means losing people on the way.

So, the feature of advanced filters seeks directly among the fields you have been selecting before, during your profile compilation. Then, the chat feature, quite common in dating websites: you can click on the chat button and chat with every profile you like. Well, with the person, not with the profile itself.

Are you too lazy to perform a manual search? Here’s what you can do: use the “flirtcast” tab. It’s a quite common feature among dating websites, and apparently, some users have said they like it. We can agree, only if you take flirtcast for what it is: a game. It works like this: the website automatically suggests a phrase. You select it. You send it to a random set of members. And it’s done, your next friendship or hookup is a chance’s matter, now.

There are not that many features, and those are the main ones. As it’s free, we encourage you to take a look at yourself.

Safety & Security

The privacy policy here on OneNightFriend is average. They perform extra controls over users if you spot any suspicious activity, so no matter what, report all that you see to the webmasters.

There are paid options meant to enhance your experience within the website, and they are also meant to boost your privacy. If, after having read through the Privacy Policy, you still haven’t found a good reason to stay, take a look at the extras before fading out!

See the green button at the top right of the page? There we go, click on it and discover what they have reserved for you. See the “Paid membership” paragraph of this review if you would like to know more, without subscribing to the website.

Is OneNightFriend Legit or Scam Service?

What is a scam? The core concept is that you are promised a service, you pay for it, and something bad happens. What’s this “bad”? Let’s say you don’t get the service fully, or that someone steals your money, or that you only find fake users.

In OneNightFriend, no one is trying to scam you officially, but there are some ambiguous users. The security controls performed are not sufficient, as it always happens on a dating website, but here’s the fact: you need to take care of this yourself.

Consider a hookup website as real life, with a little more security controls, but still real life: there are hookers, scammers, goldfishes offering you a job, and then trying to steal your money. Please consider that not all of that happened to us within OneNightFriend (disclaimer); this is just an example. So no, it’s not a scam, but there are few users, and if your goal is a hookup, maybe this is not the best option for you.

Subscription Types and Price

OneNightFriend Types and Price

Wanting to stay more and unable some VIP features? The paying member experience is something users can’t live without. Some others pay when they are convinced.

Let’s see what the memberships are together. By a quick glance, you will understand if that’s what you would like to pay for.

Free Membership

Against all the odds, a free membership is allowing you to do everything. You can browse profiles, use flirtcast features, send out messages, and receive them. You can save profiles as favorites and take an extra look at them when you feel alone.

Don’t think about it as Wonderland. A paid membership is not enabling you to select features; it’s just helping you showcase yourself and have a little more privacy. That’s it.

More in detail: with a 12,71$ subscription, you will have an extra security package: https cryptography, chronology deletion, and anonymous browsing. Then, the “chataholic” package lets you be in the first places of other members’ research. This way, they will see you first! All for 12,71$.

If you would like to have an all-inclusive paid membership, then you can go for the premium package and pay 26,49$. By this latter, you will also get a confirmation when the other user reads your messages.

Website Design and Usability

OneNightFriend Design and Usability

You won’t get lost, that’s for sure. Here in OneNightFriend, every tab appears plainly, and the interface is polished—no annoying ads, pop-ups, and so on, no tiring banners.

The website design is modern, and although the features are not that many, you feel that you are up to something great—magics of marketing.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, there’s no mobile app, but the mobile browser version is working quite well, and it won’t switch your phone down.

Contact Information

Company: Together Networks Limited

Address: Ground floor, palace court church street, St Julians, Malta

Phone: 19164451254 (in the US)

E-mail: support@OneNightFriend.com


No big deal if you are a dating website newbie: here in OneNightFriend, you can have a bite of what is expecting you on the wild wild web. Not the best hookup website, but still a good starting point.

We hope you have found what you were looking for. Now all that’s left is to wish you very good luck!

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