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MyTranssexualDate Review

MyTranssexualDate Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 19-24
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a safe place for transsexual women to find love;
  • The founder and most of the workers are transsexual. This means that the site is optimized to make it easy for transsexual women to find love;
  • The site has a rigorous profile verification process, which reduces cases of fake profiles;
  • MyTranssexualDate has members all over the world. Therefore, you can’t fail to meet a beautiful transsexual girl;
  • The site ensures that transsexual women receive respectful treatment.
  • The site does not have a mobile app;
  • Its premium membership Is a bit expensive;
  • Does not have a free membership option for men;
  • The site does not have other alternative means of contacting your crash like video chat.

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It has been the norm for transsexual women to face stigmatization. However, the society is yet to understand is that these women also need to be loved. Cyril Mazur, a French entrepreneur, and his transsexual wife founded MyTranssexualDate in 2013. The site continues to gain followers every day because it offers a safe place for transsexual women to find love. MyTranssexualDate has over 700,000 members worldwide. The most interesting fact about the site is the huge number of visitors it receives each month. A whopping 14 million people visit the site every month.

According to the founders, the company comprises of mostly transsexual women. This means that the site is tailor-made to meet the specific dating needs of transsexual women. Therefore, without much ado, let us journey together and find out what makes MyTranssexualDate tick for transsexual women.

MyTranssexualDate Review

How Does It Work?

MyTranssexualDate is a site that aims to help transsexual women find love. One of the best things about the site is that the moderators do a thorough screening to ensure that only genuine profiles make it through. If you want to join the site as a transsexual woman, then it is mandatory to fill in all the required information. You will have to state the details of your sexual reassignment.

The reassignment includes:

  • Pre-op (before surgery);
  • Post-op (after surgery);
  • Non-op (Not allowed undergoing surgery);
  • Transvestite (you are no willing to undergo surgery).

The purpose of filling the above information in detail is to ensure that a person who wants to join the site is indeed transsexual. When you fill the above information, and your account gets approved, then you can upload as many photos as you wish. To enjoy this feature, though, you have to be a premium member.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The signup and login process of MyTranssexualDate is straightforward. You need to fill in your basic information, including your name, gender, location, and the username you prefer. You also need to fill in your date of birth, your email address, and a password. The site only caters to men who are interested in transsexual women. As such, you only have two options when it comes to filling the gender – man or transsexual woman.

After you fill in all the required fields, you will receive an activation link in your email. When you click on the link, you will be redirected back to the site. You must complete your profile, especially if you are a transsexual woman. Men don’t need to fill in all the required information, but the more complete your profile, the better.

It is also possible to sign up via Facebook. Your registration through Facebook to the site is confidential.

To log in, head to the website and fill in your username and the password that you choose when creating the account. You can reset your password should you forget it.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The site has a profile completion “meter,” which shows the level of completeness of your profile. The higher the meter reading, the more complete the user profile. Unlike other dating sites, MyTranssexualDate does not require you to fill in a lot of information on your profile. For the case of transgender ladies, though, you have to indicate your sexual reassignment surgery.

There is a heading at the top of each page that you can write a catchy heading. To make your profile stand out, you should write something appealing and interesting. Below the headline is a section that you can write about yourself. Here you describe your appearance, cultural background, and lifestyle. After the “About” section, there is the description section where you state what you are looking for in a partner, and what also what makes you tick.

At MyTranssexualDate, you can upload a maximum of 16 photos as a free member. As a premium member, you can upload as many photos as you want.

Similar to the signup process, completing your profile on MyTranssexualDate is easy. However, the moderators vet every photo and profile to ensure that only the users who meet the minimum requirements join the dating site. Another good thing with the site is that the moderators will tell you why your profile or photo has been rejected.


If you are a transgender woman on MyTranssexualDate, making contact is free regardless of your subscription plan. To successfully make contact, though, you have to complete your profile and upload a photo. The case is different for male members. To make contact, you must have a premium membership. You cannot receive or send messages on the platform unless you are on the premium plan.

MyTranssexualDate has a unique feature known as the “Favorites” list. There are those cuties or hunkies that you would want to view more often. You can add these people to our favorites list. You can as well remove them if you no longer find them interesting.

At MyTranssexualDate, it is possible to see the people who have added you to their “Favorite” list. It is also possible to see people who have paid a visit to your site.

The site uses filters to make it easy for you to find the perfect match. These search filters include:

  • Age;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Height;
  • Sexual role;
  • City of residence;
  • Trans women who are;
  • Relationship status;
  • Zodiac sign;
  • Who smokes or drinks;
  • Religion;
  • Education level;
  • Looking for.

Members Structure and Activities

Although the site has worldwide reach, most of the members come from the US Europe and Southeast Asian countries. The site only allows for transsexual women and men interested in transsexual women. You cannot find love on the site if you are not a transsexual woman or a male. The site, however, does not have restrictions on men. The only requirement for a man is that they should be interested in transsexual women.

The site has over 700,000 members from the entire globe. The majority of these members come from the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. The site receives 11,000 daily logins. One exciting feature of the site is that it gets 4 million visitors every month. The platform insists on meaningful relationships and respect among members. If you are looking for casual dating and sex, then MyTranssexualDate is not the site for you. Most of the members on the platform are interested in long term relationships, which could lead to marriage.

The gender distribution at MyTranssexualDate is almost equal as transsexual women account for 60%, while men interested in transsexual women account for 40%. This ratio distribution means that it is quite easy to meet your life partner on the site.

It is mandatory to state if you have undergone a Sex Reassignment Surgery or plan to get one. You should also indicate if you are a transvestite. Most male members do not have a problem with the state of the transsexual women on the platform. All they are interested in is finding love!

Users Age

The site allows members of any age to become a member, but you have to be more than 18 years. The site accommodates members of any age group. However, the most active on the site are the members between the ages of 23 and 35. Members from other age groups also use the app but not as much as members In the 23 to 35 age group.

Sexual Preferences

MyTranssexualDate is committed to helping transsexual women find meaningful and long-lasting relationships. In line with the company mandate, you can only join the site if you are a transsexual woman. In the signup page, the site has only two options – transsexual women and males. Therefore, if you do not fall into either of these categories, you cannot become a member. The moderators of the site are very strict when it comes to approving profiles. If you are a male who wants to join the site, you must prove that you are sincerely interested in transsexual women.

Race and Ethnicity

The site accepts people from all over the world. MyTranssexualDate is very popular in the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Therefore, the site is open to members of all races and ethnic backgrounds. There are Black Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, and Asians. However, the majority of the members on the site are Caucasians who come from the United States.

Religious Orientation

When it comes to religion, the site is not strict. A person of any religious background can join. It does not matter if you are a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, an Atheist, or of any other religion, the site is very accommodative. However, at the registration process, you can fill in your religious affiliation. This will help other members, especially those sensitive to spiritual matters, decide whether you are a good fit. All in all, at MyTranssexualDate, you can belong to any religious affiliation and feel welcome to find love.

Religious Orientation

MyTranssexualDate Dating Website Features

The site’s design makes it easy to navigate and sift through the profiles of people you might be interested in. MyTranssexualDate has got only three tabs on the main page to make as easy as possible to use.

  • The first one is the My Profile tab, which displays your profile when you click on it.
  • The second tab is the Online Tab, which displays the members who are currently online.
  • The third tab is the Search tab, which shows your search results when you use a particular search filter.

The site also has another secondary menu represented by icons. On the secondary menu, you will find the account settings, the people who have visited your profile, the people you have added to your favorite list, and your inbox. The website is well organized, which makes it easy to navigate.

Safety & Security

MyTranssexualDate is a safe site to use since it is the company’s policy to provide a haven where transsexual women can find love. The site has “Report” tabs on every page of the website. If you come across a profile that does not look right, you can report it to the moderators. They will review the profile, and if they find it suspicious, the moderators will block the profile.

If you do not want a particular person to send you messages or view your profile, block them using the “Block” tab that is available on the site.

In order to ensure that your data is safe, the site uses high encryption to ensure that your data is not stolen. MyTranssexualDate privacy policy is also strict. This means that your information will remain in the confines of the website. The website owners will not sell or give out any of your details to third party entities.

The moderators also follow the guidelines, terms, and conditions of the site to the letter. This high level of scrutiny ensures that the site is safe for its members.

Is MyTranssexualDate Legit or Scam Service?

MyTranssexualDate is a very legit site. The site administrators are very strict when it comes to admitting new members. This, therefore, means that the profiles on the website are legitimate. Customers who have used and still use the site attest to its legitimacy. They state that they have found love on the site.

Safety & Security

Subscription Types and Price

MyTranssexualDate has two main types of membership plans – free and paid. For transgender women, it is possible to have a free subscription plan provided you fill your profile and upload a photo. For men, you must have a premium subscription plan.

Free Membership

With a free membership plan, it is still possible to enjoy some features of the website. The number of photos that you can upload, however, is limited. There are also other cool features that you cannot assess on a free membership plan.

Below are the features available to a member on a free membership plan:

  • You can create a profile and upload a maximum of 16 photos.
  • Other people can see your profile in their search results.
  • You can browse photos and profiles.
  • You can add people to your favorite list.
  • It is possible to see who added you to their favorite list.
  • You can view the messages you have received from other members.
  • Free membership is for transsexual women only.
  • Once you have a profile with a description and at least one photo, it is possible to receive and send as many messages as possible.

On MyTranssexualDate, you cannot subscribe to the free plan if you are a man. By default, all men are on the premium subscription plan. As a woman, you might also choose to upgrade to the premium account to enjoy more features. As a premium member, you will see a green badge on your profile.

Below are the features that you enjoy as a premium member.

  • You get to enjoy all the features of a free membership account.
  • Your profile appears on the “Featured” profiles on the homepage.
  • You can upload as many photos as you would like.
  • Your profile appears first in search results.

The premium subscription cost at MyTranssexualDate is on the middle higher end. Below is a breakdown of the premium subscription plans.

  • You pay $29.90 for one month’s premium subscription.
  • You pay $68.70 for a three months subscription, which translates to $22.90 per month. The cost is cheaper than the monthly subscription.
  • You pay $101.40 for a six-month subscription, which translates to $16.90 per month.
  • You can opt for a full year subscription, which you pay $130.80. This translates to $10.90 per month.

As you can see, the longer the subscription option, the cheaper it gets per month.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The MyTranssexualDate website design makes it very easy to navigate. It has unique features that make it quite simple to upload your photos. The profile application form is simple and does not ask or a lot of information, especially from men. It is easy to navigate through the site. It is also possible to see a lot of information on one page, which makes the site’s usability great.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, MyTranssexualDate does not have a mobile app. However, its website is modified for mobile phone viewing. The optimization means that you will get the same user experience when visiting the site on your phone when using a PC.

Contact Information

Company: MyTranssexualDate.com

Address: Building Bridges Limited, 22/F, 3 Lockhart Road Wanchai, Hong Kong

Phone: +582 5808 1781; +852 5808 1781

Email: support@MyTranssexualDate.com



MyTranssexualDate is a dating site that offers a safe dating haven for its members. The company was started in 2013, and so far, it has over 700,000 registered members.

MyTranssexualDate is available worldwide, but it is most popular in the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. One of the reasons the site has become a leader in the transgender dating site is due to its strict admission policy. The moderators vet every profile to make sure that only legitimate people become members. If you are a transgender woman looking for love, or a guy who is interested in transgender women, this is the site for you!

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