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Muzmatch Review

Muzmatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The people on Muzmatch are looking for a serious relationship which could lead to marriage;
  • It is tailor-made for Muslim dating;
  • Uses powerful filters to keep fake profiles away;
  • It has very handsome men and beautiful ladies;
  • It has a straightforward and fast sign up process;
  • It is very legitimate and has featured in popular publications and television networks;
  • You can sign up for the app no matter your nationality. You can be from Turkey, Pakistan, India, or from any part of the globe. Your sect does not matter. You can join Muzmatch as a Shiite or Sunni or any other faction;
  • Muzmatch is a safe platform where you get to interact with real people.
  • There are incidences of fake profiles;
  • You can only see a person's prayer and practicing level if you are a premium member;
  • Some people on the site are jokers. They might end up wasting your time.

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Muzmatch is a dating site that connects Muslims. Islamic culture has rigorous dating and marriage guidelines. Other dating sites encourage hookups and casual sex, which is a no go zone in the Islamic religion. The lack of a dating site that follows Islamic law poses a challenge to young Muslims who want to find love. Muzmatch, therefore, has filled this gap in the market. The site provides an avenue for young Muslims to meet and chat and possibly end up becoming husband and wife.

Due to this unique feature, it is the leading Muslim dating app in the UK. It currently has over 1 million users worldwide, but it is most popular in the UK. The dating app started in 2015. Another unique feature is that it is exclusively for mobile phone use. This means that the app does not have a web version.

Without further ado, let us review Muzmatch in-depth and find out what it has in store for Muslims looking for love!

Muzmatch Review

How Does It Work?

As soon as you sign up, you find a feature similar to that one of Tinder. You get to see a sequence of photos. If you like a particular picture, you click on the tick. If you do not want the photo, you click on the “X.” You also get to see additional information about a person. You can see their height, job, and interests. But before you can access any of these services, you have to sign up and create a profile. On Muzmatch, the extent of information you can see about a person depends on your membership. If you are on a free membership plan, you have limited options. Premium members have a better experience.

The platform has a chat feature. The feature allows you to chat up people you find attractive. Muzmatch also has video and voice chat options. If you do not want to video chat, you have the opportunity to decline the video chat request. It is also possible to know who is online by simply using the search feature. Have you seen a cutie, and you are lost of words? Fret not; Muzmatch has Ice Breaker messages which you can use to get the conversation going.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up at Muzmatch is a pretty simple and straightforward process. It takes less than 15 minutes to have your profile set-up. The very first thing you have to state is your gender. The site has only two options- male or female. There is no option of registering as a couple or a transgender person. The next stage is to fill in if you are interested in a male or a female. After this, fill in your ZIP code. This helps Muzmatch to display those people who are near your location. The next step is to fill your age. Although the app allows for members of any age to join, you have to be over 18 years. Provide a valid email address where you will receive a verification code.

To verify that the profile pictures you upload belongs to you; the app requires you to submit a selfie for verification purposes. The system analyzes and compares the selfie with the profile pictures that you have uploaded. If the selfie and the profile pictures do not match, your request to join Muzmatch is denied. It is also possible to sign up with your Facebook account.

The login process is easy, as well. Go to the app; fill in your user name and password. Remember to choose a user name that is sexy and easy to remember- make it catchy.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The profile interface at Muzmatch is not only interactive but also precise. The interface displays the profile photos in very high quality. This means that you can see people well and make an informed decision. It is critical to fill all the sections when creating your profile. Creating a more detailed profile means that people will get to know more about you as a person. When potential matches understand you, they are likely to reach out with chats, messages, or likes.

On Muzmatch, the more details you provide on your profile, the better chance you have of landing that perfect match. On the platform, it is also possible to view other people’s profiles. At times though, you have to be matched with a person to see their photos.

You can choose to blur your picture or make it private. This will deny any person from seeing your photos until you are comfortable to reveal yourself to them. A word of caution -you should only enable this feature when you have established a few connections. Otherwise, the private and blurred pictures might be a turn off to some potential matches.

The app does not display real names but instead shows nicknames to maintain anonymity. To get to know a person’s real name, you will have to contact them and make a connection.


When it comes to communication, the app borrows a lot from Tinder. However, for Muzmatch, instead of swiping left or right, click the tick for the profile you like. If you do not like a profile, simply click “X” on the profile. Muzmatch also allows members to engage in video chat. But, to go ahead with the video chat, your crash must accept the video chat request. At times, it is only possible to see photos of the people with whom you have matched. When you have matched with a hot girl or guy, then you can send direct messages. A premium account comes with a few extra perks. For instance, you get unlimited swipes, more search filter options, and much more.

At Muzmatch, you get a taste of premium account for the first 7 days after sign up. After the 7 day trial period, you might decide to subscribe to the plan. You might also choose to remain with the standard membership plan.


Members Structure and Activities

As earlier stated, Muzmatch specifically targets Muslims who want to date according to religious teaching. This means that most people on the platform are ready to settle down. The app has over 1 million users worldwide. Anybody, mainly Muslims from whichever part of the world, can join Muzmatch. The dating app is available in 120 countries, but it is most popular in the UK. The app has activities from 4,000 members every week. The rate of activity is quite high, which means that the app offers an excellent customer experience. The site allows anybody who is 18 years and above to join. However, the majority of active users are between the ages of 25 to 34. Another exciting fact with Muzmatch is that the ratio of men to women is equal. This means that at Muzmatch, there is someone for everyone!

Users Age

Although the app accepts anybody who is 18 years and older, people at the age bracket of 25 to 34 are the most active. Muzmatch has members who are as young as 18 years and as old as 55 years and above. Due to a large number of people on the app, members have a very high interaction rate.

Below is a breakdown of the age distribution at Muzmatch:

  • 18 -24 years – 10% for both men and women;
  • 25 – 34 years – 15% for both men and women;
  • 35- 44 years – 10% for both men and women;
  • 45- 54 years – 10% for both men and women;
  • 55 years and above account for 5% for both men and women.
Users Age

Sexual Preferences

Muzmatch strictly follows Islamic law on dating and marriage. This means that the app does not allow for any other sexual preference apart from straight people. If you are gay or transgender, finding love on the app would be difficult. The app only accommodates people who are willing to marry or date people of the opposite gender. Therefore, if you are a man, you can only interact with a woman. The same case applies to ladies. If you are a lady, you can only interact with men. Muzmatch does not allow same-sex relationships. It also does not allow couples to find each other on the app.

Race and Ethnicity

Since Muzmatch is mainly for Muslims, most of the members on the site practice Islam. The good thing, though, is that it does not matter your nationality. Every continent on the planet has Muslims. Although the majority of members are UK Muslims, the app has members from all over the world. Muzmatch is available in 120 countries. The app does not discriminate on ethnicity. If you are a Muslim, you are free to join, no matter your ethnic background. The app has members from Arica, the UK, the United States, Asia, Australia, and the world.

Religious Orientation

Muzmatch mainly targets Muslims who want to find love. Islam is a religion where members take dating and marriage very seriously. Once a lady and a guy have had a few coffee dates, then the families get involved. The religion frowns upon casual dating and sexual intercourse before marriage. As such, religious orientation is critical at Muzmatch. The good thing, though, is that the app accepts members from all sects of the Islamic religion. It does not matter if you are a Shia Muslim or a Suni Muslim. Members from other Islamic sects are also welcome to join the app and find love.

Religious Orientation

Muzmatch Dating Website Features

Muzmatch is a very interactive site where customers enjoy an array of features. To begin with, the site offers a 7 days trial period. During the 7 days, you have access to premium features. Once the seven days are over, you can upgrade to the premium plan or opt for the free membership plan. A free membership plan lacks a lot of features. With a free membership, it is not possible to use the messaging feature. The app allows for video chatting where you can video chat with a person that you like.

Muzmatch is only available on mobile phones. The good news, though, is that it supports both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download the app for free from the Google app store as well as the Apple store. You might opt to receive notifications once you get a message or when someone likes your profile.

Safety & Security

Maintaining user privacy is a necessity. Muzmatch is committed to ensuring the protection of individual data from manipulation and unauthorized access. The company provides its customers with a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines:

  • Data disclosure mechanisms;
  • Individual users’ rights in data collection, profile editing, account cancellation, and data retention;
  • How the company collects, stores users personal information;
  • The company’s commitment to follow data protection laws and any statutory provision;
  • Muzmatch’s efforts to apply any available data protection infrastructure ranging from physical to electrical means.

Is Muzmatch Legit or Scam Service?

Muzmatch is a ‘halal’ app-based dating site with a good reputation in the global dating market. Halal, in this context, means legit. The site is beyond any question in legitimacy. To start with, Muzmatch has over 45,000 success stories from previous users. Secondly, the site boasts of over 1 million users across the globe. Thirdly, it provides its customers with a robust privacy policy to protect their profiles and data. Fourthly, the site enjoys consistency in terms of new members. Such factors aggregate to the whole concept of the company’s legitimacy and reliability.

Is Muzmatch Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

Muzmatch provides its customers with two membership plans – free and premium memberships. Free accounts are open for all Muslims with a minimum age of 18 years. It merely entails signing up for the application and setting up your user profile. There are some benefits accrued to basic account owners, although there are limitations as well.

Premium membership involves set subscriptions, with automatic renewal plans. Such subscriptions and upgrades enable users to enjoy plenty of benefits, as compared to basic account owners. Often, basic account owners can upgrade to a premium plan by paying a monthly subscription fee of $19.99. Also, free and premium account owners can access various tokens by paying a particular fee.

These tokens include:

  • 250 credits for $12.98
  • 400 credits for $19.99

Monthly subscriptions are payable through credit cards and PayPal.

Free Membership

Free account holders are subject to some restrictions while accessing various dating features in the Muzmatch app.

However, they can access the following services:

  • Free sign up and login processes;
  • Ability to choose and set search preferences;
  • Reset swipes;
  • Ability to exchange messages with matched profiles;
  • Ability to send invites.

Upon payment of a $19.99 monthly subscription fee, Muzmatch offers you a chance to enjoy the value of your subscription. The premium member enjoys the following features:

  • Access to instant matches;
  • Premium preferences;
  • Unlimited swipes;
  • No advertisements;
  • Video calls;
  • Dad verified features;
  • Customer ratings;
  • A 7-day premium free trial.
Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

Muzmatch is mainly an app-based dating site. However, its website has simple and engaging graphics that are appealing to users. It has trendy icons and readable fonts. Users of all characteristics can easily familiarize themselves with the site and initiate activities easily. The overall intention of such design is to impact: website effectiveness, fun, and efficiency of dating endeavors.

Mobile Application

Muzmatch app provides users with a variety of options. The app has the following characteristics:

  • Available on both Google Play and the App Store;
  • Free to download;
  • Has an on-screen alert feature that provides a real-time notification;
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices;
  • Easy to user and access;
  • Sign up through Facebook account available.

Contact Information

Company: Muzmatch Limited

Address: 249 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, England, IG1 4TG

Email: hello@Muzmatch.com, supports Muzmatch.com



Muzmatch dating app is a real deal when it comes to providing Muslim communities with opportunities to meet their perfect matches. Arguably, it is the leading dating site for religion-based preferences. Muzmatch is legit, broad, and user-friendly. Brighten up your dating opportunities by simply visiting Muzmatch., or download free Muzmatch application.

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