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MillionaireMatch Review

MillionaireMatch Review
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 19-35
Profiles 4 500 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Has a considerable customer base of about 4.5 million people
  • Free membership has a handful of benefits
  • Chances to meet certified millionaires and attractive matches
  • Advanced communication through free App for Android and iOS devices
  • Sign up through Facebook available
  • Less fake user profiles
  • Restrictions on sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships
  • A wide array of opportunities for standard and premium subscribers
  • Publication of success stories by users
  • Appropriate privacy policy
  • Friendly site design and usability
  • Access to the luxury page by the premium accounts owners
  • Application of strict and complex verification process
  • Incompatible app to some Android devices
  • Demands subscription to enjoy a variety of services and opportunities

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Have you ever thought of an online dating platform without scam and fraudulent activities? Well, look no further. MillionaireMatch (MM) is a web-based dating giant that has graced the dating arena for more than two decades.

The dating site provides a favorable, interactive, and reasonably simple platform where attractive and successful millionaires can find their matches. Millionaires who want a partner for friendship, dates, and long-term relationships are lucky since the site makes it easy to connect them with their perfect games.

Notably, the site has doctors, celebrities, sportspersons, CEOs, and other wealthy and elite class members of the society who are looking for their perfect matches.

Do you want to know more about this fantastic dating site? Read on to get a full and in-depth review of MillionaireMatch dating site.

MillionaireMatch Review

How Does It Work?

At MillionaireMatch, users are obliged to create profiles that describe their basic information, including age, status, revenue (optional but essential), ethnicity, zip code, state or province, and other geolocation information. You should also include a short description stating your interests, occupations, and other relevant data.

The notion of ‘certified’ millionaires is widely used to refer to millionaire match customers, and it entails the revenue classification system, which relies on revenue disclosure by users. The users upload annual revenue statements or business annual financial statements. To become a member of MillionaierMatch, you must have a gross yearly income of over $200000. However, even individuals with less yearly income can become members of the site.

All the noted details enable the system to predict and filter matches by evaluating user proximity, age preference, gender, and revenue preferences.

Sign Up And Login Process/

MillionaireMatch provides a simple process for signing up and logging into both the website and application. Firstly, you need to answer personalized questions about your current status, interests, and preferences. Preferences simply mean which gender you are looking for – are you interested in male or female. Secondly, you should provide a correct and valid e-mail address to which the verification code will be sent. Thirdly, a profile upload is essential in completing the registration process.

Upon submission of valid personal information and a profile photo, you should wait for 7 to 10 minutes for the system to complete the verification process. After verification, you will be required to set a password or a username that does not contain your real name for login purposes. Once all is set, you can now access your profile. You are also required to write a short description about yourself. It is quite a simple process when you follow all the instructions!

Profile Interface

A good and informative profile is all that you need to find your perfect match. MillionaireMatch provides an opportunity for the users to have full control of their profiles to harness their competitiveness and efficiency when filtering matches. The giant site provides a friendly profile interface which contains:

  • Gender
  • Location/country
  • Area (State and Province)
  • Gender of interest

All the noted features on the profile interface are available for both free and premium users. The interfaces are easy to navigate with toolbars indicating various organized services to aid simplicity and accessibility. Such navigable sections of profile interfaces include basic information, appearance, background data, lifestyle, interests, among others.

Profile Interface

Matches/ Communication

Getting your perfect match is the overall objective of registering with MillionaireMatch. The procedure of defining your perfect match is widely affected and influenced by your data that helps filter your search options and opinions. Notably, all searches are based on options provided and distinct user specifications that include age, gender, locality, ethnicity, and revenue parameters.

In events where there are signs of interest from your matches either by viewing your profile, winking at you, favoring, and photo requests, MillionaireMatch will inform you through notifications on your profile interface. Also, for premium subscribers, it is possible to initiate live chats with MM counselor to acquire essential information about dating and relationships.

Membership Structure And Activities

MillionaireMatch boasts of members of diverse races, ages, religious and gender orientations, and occupations. Notably, the male to female ratio is equal, with the range of 1:1. Such favorable gender distribution is crucial in eliminating unfair competition and enhancing individual chances of getting their matches.

Activity wise, male members have more premium membership than female members and have even more certified millionaire badges. Also, male users are usually active in disclosing their revenues and enjoying luxury pages compared to female counterparts who are engaged in blog and forum pages.

In terms of location, MillionaireMatch enjoys over 2.5 million users from the United States of America though anybody can register regardless of their locality since the company is a global entity.

Users’ Age

MillionaireMatch does not have users’ age restriction. However, first-time users are required to have attained a minimum age of 18 years, which is considered the “adult age” in many countries. Even though 18 years is the acceptable baseline age, many users lay between the age of 35 and 54 years bearing in mind the need to be economically stable. Also, there are older people of more than 54 years. However, they may face challenges of getting fewer matches.

Sexual Preferences

Like age distribution, MillionaireMatch does not have restrictions on the sexual orientation of the users. All that matters is that the users disclose the gender of interest when setting up their profiles. MillionaireMatch customers have the option to choose on a variety of sexual preferences available at the user disposal.

Sexual Preferences

Race And Ethnicity

Despite the company enjoying over 2.5 million users from the US, customers from other countries such as Australia, Africa, Asian, South, and Central America and Europe can access MillionaireMatch services. Racial diversities include Latinos, Caucasians (Whites), Blacks, and Asians

Religious Orientation

MillionaireMatch does not take into account the religious backgrounds of its users. Instead, customers can either conceal or disclose their religious affiliations in their descriptions and preferences. Similarly, religious backgrounds do not widely inform decisions to settle on individual matches. According to research by MillionaireMatch, over 75 percent of users do not factor in the aspect of religion when searching for their perfect match. Christians, Muslims, atheists, and spiritualists are free to register and enjoy a wide array of services without discrimination.

Dating Website Features

Your selection choice of any dating site wholly rests on the available features of that particular platform. MillionaireMatch users are fortunate to have various essential features that aid in their efforts to realize sustainable intimate relationships. Customers enjoy a friendly website and an app that has the following features:

  • Blogs and forums: users can post informative posts and contribute to forums about dating and other valid topics
  • Private Album: users can upload up to 26 photos in their Albums that are accessible anytime
  • Support system: customers can request support through live chats
  • Online chats: users can initiate the process of replying messages and chats through the online messaging system
  • Search filters: customers can filter matches based on preference criteria such as age, gender, revenue, race, and ethnicity
  • Live MM counselors: users can access counselors on matters about dating and other valid issues
  • Date ideas: individuals can access first date ideas from their matches and respond to them
  • Certified wealth checks: MillionaireMatch website and app embark on applying mechanisms whereby users can check on revenue authenticity of their matches
  • Video introduction: first-time users are introduced to the website by a video clip that explains baseline information about the site

Despite the variety of essential features, it is vital to note that such services vary depending on the subscription plan.

Dating Website Features

Safety And Security

MillionaireMatch applies a variety of strategies to ensure that personal data and information provided are safe and secure. Ensuring information safety and security is beneficial and a necessity in promoting customer satisfaction and upholding brand competitiveness.

In attempts to uphold privacy and data security, MillionaireMatch employs strategies such as;

Message recall and reverse matches: such services enable users to delete messages and other details sent to the wrong events. This feature allows a person who might have posted a letter to the wrong person to maintain their privacy.

Privacy policy and commitment declarations: upon signing up on the website, users are required to fully commit and read the company’s privacy policy that indicates the expected handling of private information and profile data. One of the standout privacy features of MillionaireMatch includes the aspect of protecting data from third-party entities.

Option to delete accounts and personal information: users possess the ability to manipulate and handle their information at any time and at their own convenience. Also, they are at liberty to delete their accounts in cooperation with the site’s support system. Upon the deletion of an account, all personal information is erased from the MillionaireMatch database. The company adheres to its privacy policy by completing the data of a person who deletes their account.

Is MillionaireMatch Legit Or Scam?

Undoubtedly, MillionaireMatch is a legit dating site that boasts of a good reputation and a positive public image. Since its inception in 2001, it has enjoyed a tremendous increase in customer base and online reputation. Notably, the site has been featured in popular publications such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. It has also been a topic of positive discussions on leading TV networks such as CNN, ABC, and CBS.

MillionaireMatch’s ability to maneuver through turbulent times in the online market has improved its overall ratings. For instance, it is the first and largest millionaire dating site globally, according to research and reviews. Also, the restriction of Sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships has helped eliminate fraudulent behavior common in other dating sites.

Is MillionaireMatch Legit Or Scam?

Subscription Types And Prices

Everything good comes at a price. There are two types of accounts provided by the giant site for the prospective individual who wishes to register with MillionaireMatch and increase their chances of getting perfect intimate matches. Firstly, there is a free account, which entails signing up and login into the website and app without paying any subscription fee.

Free plans are permanent, unlike many other sites where free trials are set on a specific timeframe.

Secondly, there is a premium account that entails paying a specific subscription fee to maximize the utilization of a variety of features. Payment plans include:

  • $70 for one month
  • $45 a month for three months
  • $35 a month for six months

The above subscription plans are payable through credit or debit cards, checks, PayPal, and money orders. As per MillionaireMatch guidelines, upgrading your account would bolster your chances of finding your perfect match by about 500 percent and increment of profile views by about 20 times as compared to a free account.

Free Membership

Free membership entails simply opening a MillionaireMatch free trial account through signing up and accepting terms and conditions. Free account owners enjoy the reasonably fewer website and app features as compared to premium account holders. Notably, free accounts do not expire, and their features include:

  • Free winks
  • Private Album of up to 26 photos
  • Search your matches ‘first date’ ideas
  • Simple searches
  • Ability to view publicly shared photos
  • Support request through live chats
  • Reply to chat messages

Premium account holders benefit from a wide array of special features, unlike free account holders who have limited access to certain vital features. Paid membership entails paying the noted subscription fee that is subject to changes, and the decision to renew such subscriptions rests on individual users.

Premium accounts come with plenty of features that include:

  • Access to MM counselors
  • Online chats
  • Responding to your matches first date ideas
  • Ability to check whether sent e-mails are read on site
  • Access to advanced search filters
  • Realization of ‘certified’ millionaire tag
  • Ability to manage profile and privacy policy
  • Message recalls and reverses matches
  • Ownership of account managers
  • Checking the online list and the frequency of replies
  • Access to luxury pages where members can post private properties such as cars, homes, yachts, private jets, and other essential luxury entities
  • Getting highlighted as featured members, among other related benefits.
Paid Membership

Website Design And Usability

MillionaireMatch has been able to adopt a simple and decent design that enables the company to live up to market expectation and competitiveness. Its black and golden outlook gives its users pleasure and comfort. These colors denote class and wealth. Also, the site’s services are organized in a top-bar menu, whereby users can access a variety of services by a simple click on the menu.

Similarly, each service is organized in sub-services. For example, the blog and forum spaces have organized subsections based on the topic of coverage. Notably, everything on the site is easy to read and reasonably accessible.

Mobile Application

MillionaireMatch has strived to satisfy its customers through leveraging available technological advancements and knowledge. MillionaireMatch app is an example of the technological advancement the company has employed to enhance its service delivery efficiency. Much like its parent website, the app enables elite and wealthy singles to meet their matches without a hassle.

The MillionaireMatch app only allows genuine dating and serious relationships to eliminate sugar daddy and sugar baby types of interactions. The app is available in iOS and Android devices ranging from phones to desktops. The app gives users various benefits, such as:

  • A wide range of connections and moment browsing
  • Messaging and chat rooms
  • Easy and quick registration through Facebook sign up
  • ‘Let’s meet’ services
  • Use of GPS-powered location services to link up with your matches
  • A proper verification process to uphold data authenticity and security
Mobile Application

Contact Information

Company: MillionaireMatch

Address: www.MillionaireMatch.com

Phone: +1-416-628-1072

E-mail: press@millionaire match.com


MilionaireMatch has obtained positive reviews and reputation thanks to its efforts to serve its customers through user-based strategies. All the reviews are results of commendable work that the site has done over a period of about two decades. Similarly, to attain a tag of the world’s largest millionaire dating site is not a joke. Such a title demands robust mechanisms.

MillionaireMatch is the place to go and find that particular person for account owners and prospective millionaires looking for relationships or hookups. When you upgrade your subscription plan, you will enjoy a wide array of services and the end of the day. You might as well realize your dream of linking up with your perfect match. Simply visit www.MillionaireMatch.com and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

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