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Lovoo Review

Lovoo Review
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 67%
Popular Age 29-35
Profiles 155 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Availability of a mobile app: The platform provides mobile services to members who lack PC access by having an interactive app that is functional with most smartphones.
  • User-friendly to use: The website is easy and straightforward to use and is suitable for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • High active member base: The website boast of over 70 million registered members, with most of them being active.
  • Sending likes or hearts is free: To send likes or hearts to a suitable partner is free of charge, unlike in similar sites where you get charged.
  • Adding members to favorites list: If you like a particular member, you can add them to a favorites list, which makes it convenient to reach out at them.
  • Users are required to add a profile image to use the site's app feature.
  • The search filters for the love channel are very basic. Needs improvements to stay on top of the dating industry.
  • Users are required to add at least three photos to view other members’ photos.
  • Users are required to complete filling their profile info to view other members' profile info.

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Since its launch in 2011, Lovoo has become one of the most popular social networking sites, with over 70 million already registered users. The number of members is predicted to grow, mainly due to the continuous innovation of its mobile app.

But what’s all the fuss about the website? Its popularity does not come by mere chance. Continuous provision of matches and other services have made the platform become a giant in less than ten years.

So if you are wondering if Lovoo is the ideal platform for you, we got you covered by providing this easy to read Lovoo dating website review. All information contained in the review is correct and researched.

To get acquainted with much detailed information about the website, continue reading this post. From the sign-up process to matchmaking and search, we are going to avail of all essential information about the dating channel. It will only take a couple of minutes, and it’s free.

How Does It Work?

 Lovoo How Does It Work?

Lovoo site works by letting you register and create a unique profile. Once you have registered, the website affords you with the site features. To get acquainted with the website services and unlimited access to its features, you are required to become a premium user. Chat tools are essential and make it convenient to contact and connect with a suitable partner.

Sign-Up & Login Process

To sign-up at Lovoo.com is quite an easy and straightforward process. The whole process takes an average of 5 minutes to accomplish. Importantly, the designers of the romance channel made the sign-up process simple to articulate, especially for people who are not tech-savvy.

You can sign up via email, and by using this means, the channel provides an electronic form that all interested people should fill. The sign-up form usually asks for info about your name, date of birth, city of residence, and, most importantly, your gender.

Afterward, the website will ask for the email of registration, and you are obliged to create a strong password. The last part involves answering the captcha test to prove you are not a robot.

The security measures taken by the website are exceptional, and if the info provided does not match up, the website will ask for SMS verification. So if you log out and forget your password, the site will ask for SMS verification.

An essential insight into the sign-up process is the fact that the channel does not require users to create a profile initially. This is unlike most dating platforms that need people to create profiles first.

As such, you can search for other profiles without creating your own. However, it’s important to note that Lovoo will not reveal your profile in their database until you have completed the whole sign up process.

Profile Interface

Lovoo site does not reveal users’ profiles like ordinary dating sites. When you select to view a particular profile, the matchmaking connector allows profiles to appear on a separate pop-up window. So if you are using a PC or the mobile app, the clicked profiles will take half of the page.

Information contained on a specific member’s profile usually contains basic info. This info includes age, location, name, and whether the user is online or not. As such, you can view profiles that have online activity at a particular time.

The profile interface also contains a member’s personality that describes their traits and interests. This section is referred to as “About Me” and showcases your talents to suitable matches and other website members. The profile interface functions by having the user’s pictures, which reveals their true identity to other registered and approved Lovoo dating site members.

Importantly, the site recommends users to use quality and vivid pictures. Members are required to upload at least three profiles to get access to website features.


 Lovoo Matches/Communication

Lovoo dating website has various chat tools that allow users to communicate conveniently with suitable matches. You can send hearts to suitable members, and this service is free of charge.

By sending hearts, you notify a suitable partner about your interests in them. Additionally, the website allows users to pit suitable partners on a special favorites list. If you want to send a message to an ideal match, Lovoo free members are allowed to send one free icebreaker chat that is free of charge. If you are a premium member, the website provides all features with unlimited accessibility.

Premium members can view people who have clicked on their profiles. Additionally, premium users can see Lovoo.com members who have put them in their favorites list.

Importantly, before you can proceed to send chats to suitable partners, you are obliged to complete the registration of the profile first. Here, you will be needed to provide all the required basic info and upload a beautiful profile picture.

Members Structure and Activities

Lovoo.com boasts of having over 70 million registered users with an average of 2 million daily active daters. The site has a fair representation of both genders, with most users being under the age of 35 years. To get more acquainted with the membership structure of the site, let’s take a more detailed outlook.

Users Age

Most users are below the age of 35 years, but there are also senior users acquainted with the platform. The site caters to people of all ages, and by getting a first look at users’ profiles, you will encounter people of all age groups.

Sexual Preferences

Lovoo.com is suited for people who seek to meet like-minded people of the same and different gender. The website also offers dating services but is not that common, especially in the US. We find the website ideal for making friendship connections and passing the time.

Race and Ethnicity

The website has a vast user base in European countries like Germany and the UK. The platform is centered on European users but also provides services to people of all races. Whether you are White, Black, Indian, or Latino, Lovoo.com is a multi-racial website and does not bias sign-up of new members based on their color.

Religious Orientation

People of all religious affiliation are welcome to sign-up and use the channel with utmost convenience. By getting acquainted with the platform, you will find profiles affiliated to Christian, Muslim, and other religions.

Also, the website does not require registering people to provide their religious info. This is a sign that the site does not restrict sign-up based on religious affiliations.

Lovoo Dating Website Features

Lovoo Dating Website Features

Lovoo.com features make it possible for users to seek dating platform services. These features are limited to free members but are unlimited to all premium members. All, in all Lovoo.com features, are easy to use and are an excellent fit for people of all ages. Here is an overview of key site features and their aspects.

The Match System

The match system of the dating platform is useful in making it possible for users to connect with suitable partners. The match system is unbiased and takes all users with equal treatment.

The match system uses exclusive AI technology to connect and match members with suitable people who share similar wants and interests. As such, if you seek a lady who is tall and blonde, the dating connector will match you with suitable members who have these traits.

Since the platform has a vast member base, you are assured of getting connected with a suitable date that fits your interests and preferences. Importantly, the whole matchmaking process is open, and there no inside jobs of fixing elite members with specific people.

The Search Feature

Lovoo search feature is an essential element we couldn’t afford to forget. This feature is functional and takes seconds to avail desired search results. It is free for every member, but premium members get a special search ability.

The search feature works by revealing results about user’s wants and interests. For example, if you desire to search for a particular person, this feature provides results for the said query.

The search feature has different filters that make it convenient for you to search more precisely. Lovoo’s search feature is robust if you seek to get more acquainted with the website’s basic insights and other aspects you want to know.

Safety & Security

Lovoo Safety & Security

The site has a well-detailed safety and security policy that specifies measures taken to protect users from scam and malicious profiles. This is geared to make it possible for users to access and use the platform’s features with the utmost safety.

The channel uses the verification process to validate all new profiles. Also, the website avails its essential features to premium features to ensure jokers are not prevalent.

Lovoo lacks to validate profiles after sign-up, and it’s a major concern we have realized. All in all, this matchmaking channel terminates suspicious profiles to make it safe for users to use the website without worries.

Users are urged to report suspicious accounts to customer support to protect themselves and other innocent members.

Is Lovoo a Legit or Scam Service?

From our perspective, the dating connector is a mixed service provider. It claims to offer dating services that we find true based on the real connection we have encountered in this review.

The US market for this site is mostly used by people who seek friendships and use it as a tool to pass the time. As such, people in this region use it to seek friendship ties and kill their free time.

All in all, Lovoo is both a dating and friendship service provider. So if you seek to connect to a soul mate or make friendship connections, the website is ideal for you.

Subscription Types and Prices

 Lovoo Subscription Types and Prices

Lovoo.com provides users with two kinds of membership plans: the free version and premium. The free version lets you register and seek limited accessibility to some features of the site.

The premium package provides unlimited access to all website features and services. Here is a more detailed analysis of the two Lovoo.com membership subscription packages.

Free Membership

The free membership subscription plan allows users to register and get basic features. To communicate with suitable matches, users are obliged to become premium members.

Special features
  • Free sign-up process
  • Free to send hearts and likes
  • Provision to host live video
  • Ability to add users to your favorites list
  • One basic icebreaker daily
Subscription Plans
  • Free of charge

The paid subscription plan lets users access all free-based services plus other additional services.

Special Features

Here are the special features for the Lovoo dating site

  • No ads pop
  • Unlimited ability to send icebreakers
  • View people who have visited your profile
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Incognito browsing
  • Undo swipe in popular play feature
Subscription Plans

Here is an overview of the premium membership subscription.

Premium Plan
  • 1-month subscription for 9.99 USD per month totaling 9.99 USD
  • Three months subscription for 8.33 USD per month totaling 24.99 USD
  • Six months subscription for 5.67 USD per month totaling 33.99 USD
  • 12 Months subscription for 5.83 USD per Month totaling 69.96 USD
  • 300 credits for 0.01 USD per credit totaling 3.49 USD
  • 550 credits for 0.01 USD per Credit totaling 5.49 USD
  • 2,500 credits for 0.01 USD per Credit totaling 17.00 USD
  • 8,000 credits for 0.00 USD per Credit totaling 33.60 USD

Website Design and Usability

Lovoo Website Design and Usability

The website design is highly sophisticated yet simple and convenient to use. All features of the dating connector are organized in strategic positions and are accessible easily. The site design is made up of purple and gray color elements that are attractive.

Rectangular boxes have been used to make the whole search function easy to click and have the desired results. All in all, the Lovoo dating platform design is attractive and made for modern dater.

Mobile Application

Lovoo Mobile Application

Lovoo dating platform has a functional and highly versatile mobile app. The mobile app has two critical features – Lovoo Live and Radar. The features make the app quite interactive and convenient for use by people of all ages.

Here is a detailed analysis of the two Lovoo app features:

Lovoo Live

Members are allowed to showcase their favorite videos and also streamline videos of other members. This feature is a great way to earn money if your videos become popular.

If people view your videos, they reward you with gifts that earn you a diamond. These diamond features can be exchanged for cash or credits.

Compared to the site interface, the mobile app is the most commonly used channel by users of Lovoo.com.

Lovoo Radar

These unique features let you view members who are close to your residence. To see profile pictures, they are usually located in the middle part of the screen and have circles enclosing them, which looks like ripples.

Contact Information

Here are the contact details for Lovoo dating site:

  • Company: The Meet Group, Inc.
  • Address:100 Union Square Drive New Hope, PA 18938
  • Phone:(215) 862-1162
  • E-mail:contact@lovoo.com


Lovoo dating channel has proved to be quite different from usual dating service providers. The ability to search before creating a profile lets you get first-hand info about how it functions and its features.

We hope you have got all information that will assist you in reaching a conclusive decision if the site is suited for you or not. Our work is to provide crucial info to make you reach this decision.

If you come across any info we might have omitted in our review process, please add it up in the review, and we will appreciate it. The decision now is all yours to make, and we are happy to have assisted you with valuable info about the matchmaking site.

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