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Lovestruck Review

Lovestruck Review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign-up;
  • Easy interface;
  • Few ads;
  • Almost equal gender ratio.
  • There's a language bug within the website: even if you are connecting from the US, you will get the sign-up form in Chinese, which is quite tricky;• The only communication form is the e-mail, no chat is available.
  • The only communication form is the e-mail, no chat is available.

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How Does It Work?

There are not that many users online and available, and who would like to chat with you—not to mention the possibility of a date! Still, “few users” does not mean a failing website. Hence, to be honest, we must state that this viral app is going quite well in making people showcase themselves thanks to their profiles and pictures.

You can also send out messages to strangers, whom you may have never seen if it wasn’t for Lovestruck. Be careful not to switch this dating website with “lovestruckgame,” a simulation game offering you fictional scenarios where you act like a character from a cartoon love story.

Here, the love story may occur to you and the other person! Both of you are real, aren’t you?

Now, let’s prove the website that you are real, as well, and let’s deal with the sign-up process once for all.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Since you are here, you have not tried to sign-up yet, we suppose. We hope you understand Chinese, as it happened to us reviewers to find the sign-up page in Chinese, more than once. The website is targeted for the US people. Still, the sign-up is in Chinese.

We managed to sign-up anyways, guessing which were the fields, and now please follow our advice: use your browser settings to translate the page. We could not find an “English” button anywhere, so that’s the only solution possible.

The website will require you to verify your identity, so you should give them your user name, age, sexual and age preference, and phone number. Once you have clicked on the “proceed” button, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone, and you will need to fill in the code you have received. Now it’s time for you to dive into the website and to complete your profile correctly!

Profile Interface

Creating a profile is not tricky at all. Actually, the system is memorizing the details you gave during the sign-up process, and they are using those details to create a draft profile of you. Basically effortless!

Now we strongly recommend you go to your profile icon – you will spot it immediately – and to edit your profile. Add a brief description of who you are and why you are here. Don’t forget to take yourself less seriously than at your workplace: this is a dating website, and no one wants to hear you brag.

Then, upload a profile picture. People feel more comfortable talking to a living person, and not to a grey silhouette. Except for designers, they love grey, black, white, and pink silhouettes, so unless you plan to meet a designer, upload a profile picture.


Now it’s time to understand how the communication works, here on Lovestruck. What’s worse is that there’s no instant chat. It happens in a lot of dating websites, as the live chat wave started appearing at the beginning of the new millennium. We think that more than ten years is a reasonable amount of time and that everyone could have made an update, so if they haven’t, there might be a reason.

A reason we don’t know. Why not switching to a comfortable, easy, and fast chat messaging service? The e-mail is not precisely the best, mainly when you find the perfect match for you, and you are not able to contact her/him on time before he/she logs out before even getting the notification of your message in the mailbox.

However, let’s talk about matches. This dating app is not a swipe-based one. You can search for people using the basic search, or you can narrow the parameters thanks to the filters.

So, there are no real matches, except for those you spontaneously create by chatting. You can use the “matchmaking” service, but only if you are a paying user. It works matching your profile’s interests with those of other members.

Those are the options you have on Lovestruck to meet and talk to other users.


Members Structure and Activities

If you glance at the main profiles’ page, you will get an idea of how many users got their profiles verified. They are holding a small glowing badge, which says, “verified.”

We actually could not skip that text message verification step, so we are wondering how those users could stay online without verification. There’s no telling, so we took as it is: maybe an old setting, which is now changed. Maybe it was possible, once, but you can’t do that anymore.

Another useful feature to detect active members is the “last online” section. See how much time ago that user was online, and you will know if it’s an online user. It may seem a useless feature for a member’s structure analysis, but it’s not: as the website claims, there are thousands and thousands of members.

Still, if you check the “last online” part, you will see quite the opposite: there are no more than ten hundred users online, which is something but not much. Let’s get into more details.

Users Age

The average Lovestruck’s user is quite young. Let’s say men are around 40 years old, while women are more in their 30th. This is a trend within dating websites, and it keeps on changing depending on the number of users.

Within mainstream websites, it’s possible to find slightly younger people, and maybe even users are 50+. There are some age-related dating websites, so it’s more common to see them both in that kind of website.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

There’s room enough for you, no matter what you weigh, no matter your sexual orientation. While you are signing up, you can select whether you are a man or a woman, and you can make up your mind on the way, as well.

Then, you can tell the website if it is allowed to look for girls or guys. Who do you like the most? Don’t feel judged here; there are no restrictions on the people you can meet. We found a prevalence of heterosexual people, without any doubt. There are also some bisexual women, and surprisingly little to no lesbians, and quite a few homosexual men.

The ratio is hard to find, and consider that the lowest the ratio is, the lower it will tend to get. Does this seem pure dumbness, to you? Well, let us explain.

If the website gathers some of your girls, they will be leaving the site quickly. It’s the law of supply and demand: they have found a blue prince, so they are no longer available. That’s our explanation. Luckily here there are straight women enough, but talking about the other categories, you may rush.

Race and Ethnicity

The website is mainly based in China and the UK, but there are thousands of active users within the US. As the US is a wide place, you should consider a quick sign-up and a quick check on your current location.

You will immediately see if there are people around you looking for a mate, or if Lovestruck does not cover your zone. In this latter case, there is plenty of choice in the online dating world, so you won’t be disappointed in the end.

Ethnicities within the US are likely more than in Asian countries. So good luck with your favorite ethnic type!

Religious Orientation

There is no primary religious orientation on Lovestruck; no hidden communities cropping out and telling you names for your immorality. IF there are religious people, they stay quite low, and you cannot spot them.

If you are a religious person, our recommendation is to find yourself a decent place where you can exchange your views with like-minded people. Instead of struggling against mainstream morals, you could have a plain experience, with no sweat.

Religious Orientation

Lovestruck Dating Website Features

We hope you have well understood how the communication works, here on Lovestruck. Let’s make a short summary: what’s worse is the lack of an instant chat. It happens in a lot of dating websites, as the live chat started coming up at the beginning of 2000. We think that more than ten years is a good amount of time and that everyone could have made an update, so if they haven’t, there certainly is a reason.

There’s the e-mail feature, which is not exactly the best. However, about matches: this dating app is not a swipe-based one. You can look for people using the basic search or narrow the parameters with a paid membership.

Another useful feature is the “matchmaking” service, but only if you are a paying user. It works basically matching your profile’s interests with those of other members.

You can then upload and share pics, see other users’ profiles, like them, and be liked back. You can also save your liked ones within the “favorites” section so that you won’t forget about them in the future.

You might find it hard to forget those wonderful eyes you saw a second ago. But trust us, after a hundred profiles, it’s not that hard to get your mind a little dizzy.

Those are the options you have on Lovestruck to meet and talk to other users.

Lovestruck Safety & Security

An average privacy policy is allowing the website to sell your aggregated data to third parties. Back up now, and try to understand what is happening: they are not revealing your password or your credit card details.

Unless there’s a security breach, but they are committed to promptly inform you. About the data selling: all the social networks and the dating apps behave like that. It is basically the reason why you are using their free service. Nothing is for free, not even in this Internet era.

You pay with your data, which are directly sold to marketers to make their analysis and market projections.

The safety and security measures are average, and if you pay through your mobile phone’s app store, your payments will be secured as usual. Please consider that auto-renewal payment is kind of mandatory for dating websites.

So put an alarm on the day your next subscription is expiring, or you will find yourself with another subscription fee on your statement of account.

Is Lovestruck Legit or Scam Service?

Let’s say that Lovestruck is not perfect. First, the Chinese bug, then, the low number of users. Then, the high rate of un-verified profiles, and some scammers here and there. Not the best environment ever, but if you are a brave and determined person, you can take the chance.

There are no cons to the website. Still, you may choose to subscribe to a free site offering more users at a lower price. It’s up to you, but consider that Lovestruck is totally legit.

Is Lovestruck Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

It’s not easy to track the borders of membership here on Lovestruck. Let’s say it depends on which country you are signing-up from. See further to know more about this.

Free Membership

With a free membership, you can create and update a profile and a profile picture. You can also like other members’ pictures and see them all, without any limitation. You can check who you liked, saving them in a sort of favorites’ list.

You can browse other people and see their profiles into the anonymous mode if you like to. They will not see that you have visited them.

We don’t actually see the point in being anonymously on a dating website, but that’s quite a standard feature. Then, last but not least: you can send out e-mails. It’s strange, as the costs applied to vary according to the city you are living in, as we have said in the last paragraph.

So, in some cities, you just can’t chat without paying!

It’s tough for us to find all the cities where sending out e-mails is a paid activity. This is also a massive flaw in the website. Our recommendation to sort this out is: go to the main page, sign-up, verify your profile, and take a look at the pricing.

You can unsubscribe easily from the app, and write to the Customer Support to delete your information entirely from their database. If you act quickly, you can try this option. If you don’t like circumventing the system, bear in mind that you might eventually have to pay. That’s Lovestruck. We can’t fully understand why they have this option, but they do.

There is a matchmaking service, available in all the cities we have checked, which works creating matches with you and people like-minded, who live around you. This is a sort of psychological test you can perform as soon as you have signed up successfully and verified your profile.

You can also attend free-minded parties, by paying, for sure.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The website and app are highly usable, maybe you can feel a little overwhelmed on the site, the first times you are on it, but you will get used easily. That’s why we have written this review for, isn’t it?

So, relax and take a deep breath. Tolerate the quite old-fashioned design and the add-ons, and consider the idea that we are too much used to extra-modern apps and websites.

If a platform works, why changing it completely? Lovestruck works well, so you should stick to that and give it a chance.

Mobile Application

If you are awaiting a love thunder to hit you while you are away from home, you can always rely on Lovestruck mobile app. It’s available both for Android and for Apple, so don’t bother yourself looking for it on black-markets.

Feel free to chat – well, to send out e-mails – from wherever you are! In this latter case, all the payments will be performed through the app store.

Contact Information

Company: Love Group Global

Address: London, UK

Phone: no phone number displayed within the website

E-mail: team@lovestruck.com


There is no big deal if you are a dating newbie. Lovestruck is easy to understand, the sign-up is effortless, and you won’t find any hurdles in the path. The design is not as modern as it could be, and there might be a few more users, but still, you might find a place like home. As everyone has his/her own taste, all that’s left is to wish you very good luck!

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