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Loveaholics Review

Loveaholics Review
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 260 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy registration process
  • Easy to use, compared to other sites
  • Free for women to sign up and communicate
  • Hot chat rooms to have fun
  • Faulty security system
  • Heavy presence of fake accounts and chatbots
  • More men than women
  • Men need to pay for even replying to messages

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There are countless websites out there that advertise setting up actual dates and targeting serious relationships. On the other end of the spectrum, there is the “virtual sex” niche where you just get a live cam show, a private one at best. But out of these extremes, there is a scantily attended market, the swingers’ market. That’s where Together Networks Holdings Ltd. brings in Loveaholics. It advertises itself as a medium of setting up ‘flirts’ at the initial stage with the potential of developing into a casual hookup or even a relationship, who knows!

With over several millions of users, it is targeted at love-addicted single men and women from all over the world who just want to pass the time by flirting online or having casual sex with no strings attached. It also extends its services to members of the lesbian and gay community as long as they are looking for “just fun,” of course. However, it has a bad reputation for containing too many bots and fake accounts. If that wasn’t the case, then it probably would’ve been the best place for swingers to mingle around.

Loveaholics Review 2020

How does it work?

First of all, Loveaholics is a site that is marketed towards straight men looking for women (even though they provide dating for gays and lesbians as well). To keep up to that claim, Loveaholics offer free registration and messaging capabilities to women, while men need to pay for even replying to a received message. Apart from this biased policy, the rest of Loveholics can be likened to a regular online dating platform carrying all the basic features. These include text messaging, sending and receiving pictures & videos, searching, browsing through & viewing your potential mates’ profiles, and adding someone you like to your favorite list. People can also use quirky little interactive features like winking & liking, and even sending friend requests, which help break the ice and start a conversation rolling. Again, considering that this website is only for casual flirting, you don’t need a myriad of features for working things out. It’s all about yourself and the charm you have in your words.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process is very basic. Anyone can fill in a simple form that asks for very little information and start using their service with a bare profile. Five fields need to be filled: sexual orientation & preference, age, email, password, and location.

The sexual orientation and preference field lets you choose only one out of four options: man seeking man, man seeking woman, woman seeking man, woman seeking a woman.

The age field lets you enter any age between 18 and 78. In the email field, you must use your real email where a verification code/link will be sent to verify your account. One cannot register to an account without verifying their email. Finally, you create a password to secure your account and add your location, which will be used to find potential matches near you.

After these five steps, you’re done. This site doesn’t even prompt you to upload a real picture of yourself or put additional personal information. Such a rudimentary application process is the main reason why so many scammers and bots lurk effortlessly in Loveaholics.

Profile Interface

Loveaholics profiles are mostly dubious. Very little information is required to open an account, and none of it needs to be verified except the email. Users aren’t even prompted to upload a real picture of themselves. And even if someone does add a picture of themself, you’ll need a premium membership to view the full size of that. You cannot see the full extent of their pictures’ and videos’ gallery with a free account. Because of such a clumsy registration process, anyone can sign up with a fake account or a bot without raising any alarms. This results in a very poor experience for serious users when it comes to profile navigation.

Though there are more options for displaying elaborate personal information such as sexual preferences, physique, drinking and smoking behaviors, etc., many choose to pass on it. Thus, you cannot know who you’re going to communicate with. However, those who come here with a serious purpose in mind do, in fact, use all the elements of their profile interface to make sure that the right person mingles with them. Moreover, you can use this website’s search tool to filter out bots and scammers so that you can find the perfect hookup just for you.

Profile interface


Loveaholics doesn’t have a wide range of communicative, interactive features to offer. But it has included all the basic features of a typical online dating service pretty well. Being a free member, you can use a few quirky little features to magnetize someone’s attention and get a conversation rolling. You can “wink, “which is the most basic and ancient method of sparking flame in one’s heart, at any one of your choosing. And if they wink back, then congratulations. You’ve found a potential mate.

Another fun game for free users is “Like Gallery”. You can see each member’s profile photo one by one, and if you see someone who appeals to you, you can show your interest by liking them. And if they like back, then again, bravo! You’ve found a match. From there on, it’s all about the charm in your words. After this initial matchmaking or icebreaking, however, you think of it, you must communicate with them through your words and, thus, come to arrange a casual date. And this communication facility remains restricted for the male users until they pay for it. So, if you’re a man seeking woman, then it would be wise for you to read some Romeo and Juliet before paying for Loveaholics. Again, it all depends on how good of a flirt you are.

Members structure and activities

Loveaholics is an online dating platform that offers zero-commitment flirts and casual encounters. Being such, it isn’t surprising at all that most members are between 25 and 44 years old. They support a minimum age of 18 years up to 78 years on their platform. Their gender distribution, however, is a bit imbalanced. Despite giving women a chance to message for free, there aren’t many ladies who sign up on Loveaholics. The male to female ratio on this site stands at 70-30.

Most members come here to swing around and pass the time with no prospect for serious relationships in mind. Therefore, down-to-earth lovers should go somewhere else. There aren’t any Cupids on Loveaholics. Finally, speaking of geographic distribution, you’ll find that most of this website’s traffic is distributed across the US, Spain, Poland, and Japan. They boast huge traffic of over 1.9 million monthly visitors and 120,000 weekly active users. However, considering the absurd amount of fake accounts and bots, these numbers are questionable.

Members structure and activities

Users Age

Loveaholics serves as an online dating site that advertises itself to connect love-addicted men and women for anything between flirt to casual sex. Keeping that in mind, it is needless to say that all users must be above 18 years of age to even register on this site. After that, it provides its services for individuals up to 78 years of age. And between this age range, the 25 to 44 year old’s section occupies most of this website’s population. It is natural considering that between this age, the sex-hunger of men hits its peak.

Sexual Preferences

Despite its market being mostly occupied by straight men looking for women, it supports a total of four categories of sexual orientation and preference, which needs to be specified while signing up for the first time. These are men looking for men, men looking for women, women looking for women, and women looking for men. This site offers free messaging capabilities for women, and yet still, it has failed to garner a healthy female user base. The general gender ratio is 70-30 across all age groups.

Race And Ethnicity

Most traffic on this site is drawn from the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Spain, and Poland. This gives the idea that most of the users are Caucasian and Asian. However, some of these countries, like the US, are more ethnically-diverse than the others. So, you can find users of different ethnicities here.

Religious Orientation

It’s a website for the “love-addicted” people. There is no concern for any other religion except the religion of love.

Religious Orientation

Loveaholics dating website features

Compared to other popular sites and services in the same niche, Loveaholics doesn’t stand far too out from generic examples in terms of features. Meaning, there aren’t many features for Loveaholics to be proud of. It can offer all basic functions, such as browsing and viewing a part of a user’s profile, adding someone to your favorite list, using a search tool, and sending messages (for paid users).

On top of that, one additional feature is “wink”. Often, trying to start a conversation gets awkward. You don’t know what to say. And that is when you can wink at someone so that, when they wink back, a dialogue is sparked.

Another notable feature is “Flirtcast,” where your savvy pick-up lines are sent to multiple users who match your preferences. Loveaholics also allows you to get free access to other Together Networks Holdings sites with your premium membership only on Loveaholics. This further increases your chances of meeting someone across so many websites. That’s pretty much it from Loveaholics. Your success on this site depends solely on how well you can flirt.

Safety & Security

Even though the site is infested with many fake accounts, it still maintains decent security measures. Photos and videos uploaded are manually reviewed. Customer support is usually very helpful, and after you get a paid membership, you can get under the radar for the bots. With this feature, only verified users should be able to interact with you and vice versa.

Is Loveaholics Legit or Scam Service?

Boasting over 1.9 million monthly visitors and 120,000 weekly active users, one might think that this is a very active legitimate site. However, that is only partly true. It indeed has a lot of activity going on under its radar, but there are also many reports from actual users that such activities are mostly caused by bots. That’s right; the weak registration process lets through a lot of fake accounts and bots to flourish on this service. So, the website itself is not a scam. It’s a legitimate system that offers a real platform for online dating, but third-party scammers and bots pollute this site’s fine environment. You can cloak yourself from that with a paid membership, and after that, Loveaholics is a bonafide service with plenty of potential.

Safety & Security

Subscription types and price

Despite offering very little features to showcase, Loveaholics has made a very complicated premium subscription scheme that is different for each gender. For men, the site forces you to pay even for replying to a received message. Sucks to be a man here. Loveaholics offer only a single tier of subscription that lasts for 1, 3, and 12 months costing $41.40, $69.39, and $111.60, respectively.

For women, all the features that men buy are free. However, they can pay for some additional privileges like Chataholics, Extra security, and Premium Dater (which basically includes Chataholics and Extra security in one package). These cost $0.64/day, $0.45/day, and $0.95/day, respectively. Again, the site is heavily biased towards women. It forces men to pay more than women by binding them to long-term packages. Though the site is targeted at straight men, they still have poor flexibility in navigating through Loveaholics. The paid features aren’t worth as much as you have to pay.

Free Membership

To begin with, Loveaholics doesn’t give you a big collection of features to enjoy. There are only a few things that you can do to interact with your potential mate. You can search and view a limited extent of the members’ profiles. You can wink at the members and spend a little bit of time going through the Like Gallery. The paid version doesn’t have enough features to weigh the price, what more can you expect from the free version?

Any relationship, whether it be a casual flirt or a sacred marriage, builds up on conversations. The exchange of dialogues. And that is what keeps a relationship up and running for as long as it can be respected. Here at Loveaholics, they held back the very basic premise of a relationship —communication. To chat with a person of your choice, to play your flirt games with them, you’ll need to pay for an expensive premium membership. At the cost of several dollars, you unlock the ability to message other users on Loveaholics. And only men have to pay for it, not women.

This was thought to bring in more women, but actually, the idea didn’t turn out to be so fruitful. There are hardly any real women on this site. Another seemingly useful feature that comes with a paid membership is the ability to see the full size of members’ profile pictures, along with other pictures that they may have uploaded to their profiles. You can also use all of the search filters to find your perfect match. That’s all you’re going to pay for on Loveaholics.

Paid membership

Website design and usability

The website design is very generic and neat. It isn’t crowded with buttons, tabs, and sidebars to confuse you. Once you log in, you’ll find a list of your potential matches on your home screen. Those are arranged in small tiles, which show just the thumbnail of the user’s profile photo. There is a search bar on top, a button that takes you to your profile customization page and the Like Gallery button. Simple, easy-to-use, and convenient. The color scheme of light-brown on white is also very pleasing to the viewer’s eye.

Mobile applicatio

Loveaholics doesn’t have iOS or Android applications currently. However, it has a well-designed mobile version of its desktop counterpart that can be accessed from any mobile browser. This version might show some performance issues, but the website is equally convenient as its desktop version. Anyone can flirt as they walk.

Contact information

Company: Together Networks Holdings Ltd.

Address: PO. Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Phone: 1-800-489-6091

Email: support@loveaholics.com

Contact information


Loveaholics definitely has some potential. The idea is sexy and can cater to a lot of young men and women. But this site’s clumsy registration process, weak verification, screening, and the lack of features are inhibiting its success as a great casual online dating platform. The heavy presence of bots and scammers also spoils the user experience. If Loveaholics could prune those and refurbish some of its operations, then it can surely shine above all others in this dating niche.

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