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Lavalife Review

Lavalife Review
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 26-31
Profiles 61 200
Reply Rate 65%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 5.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is very decent;
  • You can't text people without a verified email address;
  • Easy sign-up process;
  • Friendly interface.
  • You can't stay on the website for free: after one week, you have to pay, or you will be cut out.

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How Does Lavalife Work?

In four words: you chat and date. It is Lavalife’s primary purpose, which is not trying to circumvent the regular energy flow between two people meeting. It is only trying to convey it into a techy form, allowing everyone to avoid time-consuming nights at the pub, or the club.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about “regular” dating processes, be prepared to overturn them completely. Here in Lavalife, you sign-up within a couple of straightforward steps. Then, once you are online, you can search for people by looking at their personal descriptions and profile pictures. Remember to showcase yourself correctly, as well: you will need to change your profile first and add whichever information you feel useful.

You may be wondering how does Lavalife help your everyday dating.

First, you save time, as said. Then, you are not in front of a person. You can’t perceive the magical feeling sensations usually give, but you will have an intellectual impression first.

Sign-Up & Login Process


As said, you won’t be bothered by a complex sign-up procedure. You will just have to look for Lavalife into your usual research browser, and it will appear within the first search results. Click on the link and go to the main page. As you will see, you can use a browser version or a mobile app. Do you like the opportunity given by dating on the go? So, the mobile app is what you are looking for. If you are more a couch potato and rather mingle from your PC at home, try the browser version first. You will be able to switch whenever you like.

Let’s get back to the sign-up process: you will have to give your first and last name, gender, and sexual preference. You can pick among “male looking for a female,” male looking for a male, etc. There’s no transgender option.

Then, choose your birthday, e-mail address, and password. By signing up with Facebook, you will be able to skip this step.

Then you will be asked a little more information: they will go directly to your profile. Let’s see them together in the next paragraph.

Profile Interface

You have already told the app/website your first and last name, gender, sexual preference, and birthday. But they will display only your username, which you are picking up now. They will then ask you about your height, feet and inches, body type, ethnicity, and religion.

Can you decide whether to tell them or not? You can: just type “Ask me later” and everything will be just fine.

You can then say if you have children, which are your drinking and smoking habits, or what is your annual income, education. Finally, you can tell everyone on the app whether you are craving a hookup, a casual date, a serious date, a soul mate, etc.

Now it’s time to select a profile picture: if you don’t have one ready, take your time to find it, because you can’t skip this step. You will be able to switch it later, so don’t worry about that tomato stain on your shirt! Have you already removed it with Photoshop? Well, no pain, no gain: get ready for the website, you are almost there.


Lavalife Communication

Do you feel more comfortable with reading all the instructions along with the app screenshots? You can do that! Just get into the app and allow them to show you a short tutorial about how the app works.

You will be guided through its functions, and you will learn visually where the search bar is. Narrow the search using the advanced parameters, if you like to. Once you are done, you will be shown a lot of different profiles, and you will be able to contact them to chat.

If you click on a profile, you can see a sneak peek of it on your screen. Don’t worry; they won’t be able to see you, so sneak as much as you like!

You can’t chat until you have verified your e-mail address. Unlike the vast majority of dating/hookup websites, you won’t need to pay just to share views with a nice girl, or with a nice guy. Just go to your e-mail address and click on the link in the Lavalife e-mail.

Members Structure and Activities

If you are planning to access Lavalife without serious intentions, remember that this is a decent website. You won’t be bothered by fakers and scammers, that’s true. The website’s activity is quite low, especially if you can’t send messages on your own.

Let’s say that there are forums and blogs if you would like to be noticed. No, we are not inviting you to go somewhere else: there is actually a blog section on Lavalife, and a “discussion” section, which you will easily find on the main toolbar.

Let’s say something more about the average user of Lavalife.

Users Age

Lavalife Users Age

First, as you can see at first glance, the average female user is a nice woman in her 30es, while the ordinary men’s age is a little higher, let’s say 35/40. There seem to be no under-aged people nor members who are more than 50 years old.

Sexual Preferences

Without any doubt, there are more straight people than homosexual people. There are a lot of girls, and few of them look like busy or fake users. You can’t really tell until they ask you for money. Still, an overall look is possible.

There are far more real men than real women. In some hookup websites, a sort of chatting entertainment is provided: the webmasters create fake users, who are there just to dabble. They won’t hook up, nor date you, but feel free to test this sentence if you want.

Not in Lavalife, though: they are not using such expedients to enhance your stay. They want the place to look like real. We can proudly state that they succeeded.

Race and Ethnicity

Lavalife Ethnicity

There is no primary ethnicity, here in Lavalife. You can pick among all the ethnicities you can imagine, as soon as you create a profile. Still, a lot of users claim they prefer not to say which their ethnicity is.

Religious Orientation

The religious choices are many, too. You can pick them while you create your profile, right after the sign-up process. Of, you can skip it for later. What’s important is: if you care about religion, and you are looking for like-minded people, you really should state it at the beginning.

Lavalife is meant to make people find each other, so there’s no point in concealing such big details of your life. This premise works if religion is a big detail for you. If it’s not, nevermind and read on.

Lavalife Dating Website Features

We have given you a quick spoiler before, so not every website feature is entirely new to you, isn’t it? By looking at the interface, you will understand quite easily how everything works.

With the magnifying glass, you can browse users’ profiles. If you like one of them, you can have a sneak peek preview on the left of your screen (if you are using a browser version). If this beauty’s eyes catch you, then click on the profile and go for it.

You will be directed to his/her profile, so you will see all the personal details he/she wrote down for a potential partner. Now you can chat, have fun, and set a date without being bothered further.

You can use the “discussion” or the “blog” session, following Lavalife rules and answering to the moderators when they ask you to stick to the rules. Well, IF they ask you.

One last thing is the “in common” section. Here, you will find people who share interests with you. Are you still having doubts about Lavalife’s commitment to making your life better?

Safety & Security

Lavalife Safety & Security

Lavalife claims to be highly committed to your privacy, so you won’t experience big issues here. They are offering quite standard privacy protection, and you will need to be wary of other users’ questions.

Are they asking you for your bank details? They are probably gold diggers or online scammers. It is not a real scam-advice, as proper training should be performed for all the people first approaching the online hookup and dating world.

You will need to keep your information safe. You will need to use your own judgment above the information you would like to share with the world. Even though Lavalife uses standard Protection on the website, you can’t be sure of anything, because the threat comes from other users.

And Lavalife can’t do anything about it.

Is Lavalife Legit or Scam Service?

It is definitely legit. It is a working application, helping people to find a mate from all over the world. You will be asked for no credit card details, and there are no hidden fees or scam links.

You have a free demo lasting a week. So you will be able to see whatever you like, get to know some people, and get if there is your kind of crew.

Don’t you like the place? You are free to go. Just update your account section and delete your profile, so that you won’t be bothered by notifications anymore.

If you have paid for a membership, they will apply to you the regular refund policy. So no, it’s not a scam service, if you look at the payments. There might be a little concern if you look at the users: they are few, and some of them do not look updated, nor active.

But that’s not a scam, that’s a chance.

Subscription Types and Price

There is only one kind of membership. If you are wondering why ads and pop-ups didn’t flood you. You already have the membership! There’s no way of being on the website as a non-member. Why haven’t you paid? That’s Lavalife’s policy: they won’t make you pay unless, after the one-week trial, you like the place and the people. If you felt comfortable within Lavalife, this means you will be more comfortable in paying, too. That’s their ethic, and you can’t do much about it. Just enjoy the free version, while you can, so to take a wise decision once it has expired.

Now let’s see what the main differences between a paid and free membership are.

Free Membership

Lavalife Membership

What can you do with a free membership? You can sign-up, create a profile, and use all the features we have talked about, and even more. You can create matches, verify your e-mail address. There is no skipped process for you, and you will have to verify your identity. You can’t run away, nor be a faker, here. So if you are lurking a little too much and are not ready to pay, they will cut you out after the one-week free trial.

Now we got to the paid membership. Let’s say that during the first week, you have a demo of this membership. What you can do with it is: chat, search for people, using advanced search parameters. Write in the blog and discussion sections. Make new friends (that’s always free).

Here you are the full prices of this experience. As always, the longer you decide to stay, the less you pay. 1-month subscription will be 19.99$. You can have a 3-month subscription with 49.99$. Finally, you can spend 89,99$ and have a 6-month subscription.

It is the cheapest one, yet it’s kind of a commitment.

Website Design and Usability

You can easily navigate the website using the main toolbar, so we can’t say it’s not usable. You will learn everything yourself, especially if you are a digital native. Even if you are not, Lavalife id providing you a good tutorial service, which shows you the primary tabs, and how to use them.

Everything is white and purple, and you will no be bothered by annoying ads or add-ons. The user’s experience is plain, and you will feel polished and decent all the time.

Are you not looking for a decent experience? Maybe a white and modern interface is not usually your first choice. But you can’t judge a website according to your taste. Well, you can, but you should stick to some design parameters. At least, you need to be honest and agree with us about Lavalife’s usability.

Mobile Application

Lavalife Mobile Application

Good news for you! Lavalife has an IOs application. Don’t you own an iPhone? We don’t judge, and neither does Lavalife. They embrace all religions and ethnicities, as we have seen before, so they won’t be mad if you download their perfectly working Android application. You will find them both in your app store. The payments can be performed directly by the store, and this may make you feel a little more comfortable about paying for an online service for so long.

The mobile app comes with a Lavalife add-on, the Lounge function—no extra payments needed.

Contact Information

Company: Lavalife Ltd.

Address: 8 Parsonage St, Providence, RI 02903

Phone: 1.866.371.8906

E-mail: There’s no e-mail displayed on the website. You will need to use the form in the “contacts” section within the website’s main page.


Even though you might not have been heard about Lavalife before, it exists since the 80s. It has kept good company to people looking for a stress-free environment. But, most of all, they have kept changing according to the market’s needs. Their core business is not to entertain you, keep that in mind. It is only extra information, which we are giving you at the very end of this review.

We have no reason to anticipate the great fun you’ll find here on Lavalife. Every person who signs up for a dating site always has the experience to tell. Everyone is looking for different things: looking for a wedding, looking for a night of fun, who is just a friend to talk to. Here on Lavalife, mainly there are young, heterosexual people who tell a lot about themselves, feeling free and protected by the site’s many security measures.

If you like this scenario, all you have to do is jump on the 7-day trial. Now all that we can do is to wish you a good dating experience!

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