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InternationalCupid Review

InternationalCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 28-36
Profiles 64 320
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 5.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A fully international dating platform, with people from all around the world;
  • Easy sign-up;
  • Up to 24 hours profile approval process: this allows a high-security level online;
  • Long experience and expertise in dating websites, as this is a huge company.
  • Quite expensive when compared to other dating websites.

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How does It Work?

There’s no shame in using online dating platforms. Besides, there’s no need to use an anonymous browser. We have a long list of non-restricted IPs, so follow us through this fair review to learn more about InternationalCupid.

First of all, the website works easily. You will just have to sign up, then fill in some details about you. Finally, you can look for matches with other users online, and you will be able to find new friends intuitively.

You don’t have to pay for the sign-up, so if you crave for more insights, give InternationalCupid a chance!

Sign-Up & Login Process


The sign-up process will show you precisely the security level you will find once you are online. Your account can be easily suspended – especially if you are telling them information that does not match with other details you are giving in another place of your profile.

Of, if you attach a profile picture that does not get approved and which shows different sex. In a few words: you need to declare who you are. They are not asking you about your social security number, but they need to track your activity online, so they need at least to know that you are real.

Hence, go for the “sign-up” button on the top right of the screen. See that glowing pink tab? That one, there we go. Now, look at the bottom of the page for the “new member” writing, and there we go.

You are now asked to choose a username and a password and give them some details about you, like your gender, sexual preference, and age. Under-aged people are technically not allowed to get inside. Still, there are a lot of teenagers – not here on International Cupid per se, we are talking in general – who just pretend, and they can live within the website for a while. Accounts get suspended easily, as we have said before, so here you go a few tips for compiling your profile correctly.

Please note that the sign-up process may take 48 hours, so if you plan a trip to an exotic part of the world and are signing-up to InternationalCupid for that reason, make sure you do everything on time.

Profile Interface

InternationalCupid Profile Interface

First of all, if everything bad occurs to you and you get your account blocked even before having verified it, stay calm: all you need to do is show them your real ID. It will assure them you are no robot nor scammer and that if you are a scammer, you are really good at counterfeiting documents.

Please consider that all the members are verified, so whatever you see on their profiles is seldom false. Click on their profiles, and the whole page will be displayed. See the chat button? You can use it to contact the foreign guy or girl you like so much only if you are a paying member.

You can edit your profile as many times as you want, but make sure everything is true (or kind-of) and decent, as the controls performed over profiles are severe.


InternationalCupid Matches/Communication

There are not real matches, here, as you can select every profile appearing in your search result. You can chat with everyone if you are a gold user, but unfortunately, you can’t contact non-paying users.

The only way you will be able to chat with that beautiful Asian chick is effortless: learn Thai. We are joking; you can just avail of a platinum membership. Or, there’s a third way: you can do everything but chat, browse users, contact users first, see nice features, if you are a free member.

As a free member, you can basically just stare, click somewhere, and crave for a nice talk with the amazing people you see, but who you are not sure will contact you back. Keep on begging them to contact you first, if you are a free user. Those are the three main ways of communication or matches, here on InternationalCupid.

Members Structure and Activities

InternationalCupid Structure and Activities

There are more North American men and foreign girls. This is the average, but of course, it keeps on changing. There are more than 150.000 actual members, even though you can’t possibly find them all online.

It’s possible to subscribe from all over the world, so you will find plenty of different body types and life goals and intentions. Although you will find intentions’ details within a profile, don’t be shy and set this first.

If you feel tuned in, maybe the other person’s intention will harm you at a certain point, if there is a mismatch somewhere on the way. Maybe the other member would like to settle and to find a soulmate, while you are just looking for a healer during your gaming sessions. Better agreed than sorry.

Users Age

The average age is a little higher in men than in women. Men tend to be more in their 40es while women are younger—if the website is really checking on their IDs – so around 25 years old. How is that possible?

We asked it ourselves, and we found that this is a trend in dating websites, especially when the male is expected to be the one who is caring for the economic part. It’s not always like that: another common feature is fake female users pretending that they have an excellent job and that they would like to have a normal relationship.

At some point, you will understand whether this is true or whether they are just trying to get some money from you.

Sexual Preferences

InternationalCupid Sexual Preferences

No more long queues in front of international clubs. Can you imagine? Thanks to InternationalCupid, you can chat and luckily date all the guys and chicks you can imagine, from all over the world.

The primary sexual preference of those ethnic people is heterosexual. The gender ratio is more men than women, let’s say 75% male audience and 25% females.

If you are looking for a less straight audience, you can try to read between the lines here on InternationalCupid. Still, it might be less time consuming to find another homosexual dating website.

You can stay within the big family of Ecom Holdings Pty Ltd, the company holding InternationalCupid’s trademark. Just go to InternationalCupid’s main page and look for its siblings at the bottom of the page. You will find what you are looking for, and there’s plenty of choices.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no real prevalence. InternationalCupid can proudly state that they managed to gather people from all around the world. There are a lot of African girls, not from every part of Africa, but mostly. There are handsome Asian men, Filipino MILFs, young guys from the US. It’s a melting pot, and if you like dating people from outside your country, InternationalCupid may save the day.

Religious Orientation

Does the world have a primary religious orientation? If you are fond of statistics, you can draw a draft of what’s the main religion here on InternationalCupid. We could not. Here’s what we have noticed from our deep analysis of the website: there’s no main religion even though some people are declaring who or what they worship, we haven’t found a single one among them asking for like-minded people.

What we always recommend to religious people is: go find your branded website, your safe environment.

InternationalCupid dating website features

InternationalCupid website features

Now, here’s all you can do within InternationalCupid: you can search for users from the main purple toolbar. Do you see it? Here you can navigate through the website. You can go for a “popular search” and see what the users are looking for.

Or, you can browse people improving your affinity and trying to broaden your search with some filters. These filters will apply to the images and profiles you see on your home page. So, make sure they are accurate and that you are not lowering your standards!

Then, as said, you can chat and save people you like in a list. You can see them whenever you like, and also tell them you have liked them. It could be a useful icebreaker, especially if you run out of ideas.

You can take a look at all the extra sections, as there is also a news section and a news feed, where you can see what is happening in the world! We mean InternationalCupid’s world, not a news agency.

No wars, no pollution, just the constant stream of love and good vibes. Already feeling the international energy flowing inside you? That’s time to move forward and subscribe! Don’t rush, though, as we haven’t told you about safety and security, yet.

Safety & Security

InternationalCupid Safety & Security

Although the privacy policy features are average, an overall look at the website shows us that the webmasters have been working very well to improve online safety and security.

We were not able to find a single scammer. Maybe it’s just good luck, but as our account got frozen once, due to unknown reasons, we suspect it’s the strict control that admins perform once you sign-in.

The actual control over profile quality gets you the feeling of a safe place. We are not saying it’s a church or a playground. Still, there is no explicit nudity, no violence, and no annoying users keeping on flooding you with messages, and notifications.

Also, the fact that a free user can’t basically contact anybody makes only the rich users stay. If they are paying, they will unlikely be scammers or desperate, so good news: InternationalCupid is the safe place you were looking for.

Is InternationalCupid Legit or Scam Service?

As you may have guessed reading the previous paragraph, we consider InternationalCupid a legit product. You can never expect what you will find online, to you can’t be assured you will get a date here. It’s like counseling: you pay for a service, but you are not totally sure you will get even, in the end.

Here in InternationalCupid, you pay, and you get a quality service and a polished environment. What else? You get functioning features, a clear and not busy interface, and you will meet the real number of users they are declaring.

Maybe not all the users are online, but this is not definitely worth the tag “con.” Still, you may not like the people online and the interface. We can’t do much about it, can we?

Subscription Types and Price

You can start with a free subscription, and you will see what will expect you if you pay. Unfortunately, due to high-security measures, you can’t stay for long as a free user: basically, you can’t do anything.

It always happens within safe environments, which are free at the beginning: at some point, a big mouth appears. This person tries to tell lies to people, or he/she tries to get paid for “services.”

So, in the blink of an eye, the safe space where everyone could speak is ruined, and the webmasters need to mend the situation. How? By making users pay, for instance. Let’s see more in detail how the memberships are structured.

Free Membership

You can sign-in for free and create your own profile. You can edit freely profile sections, without paying a cent. That’s it. You can also browse users to get an idea of who’s online, but you can’t chat with them, so how can you understand if you are like-minded or get along well together?

Let’s say the free membership is good if you are really good looking, and you expect a Platinum member to contact you first and virtually pay for your conversation. If you are not so sure about your looks, go for a Platinum membership, and cut loose.

The two memberships available are the Gold and the Platinum one. With a Gold membership, you can browse with all the advanced filters, and more: you can browse anonymously.

Then, you will be able to send and receive messages and live chat with people, except for free members. You will make ads go away for good.

All that, for 29,98$/1 month, or 59,99$/3 months, or finally 119,98$/12 months (the cheapest)

With a Platinum membership, they list VIP features, which are an enhancement of the golden ones. One is unique: you will be ranked above other members. Then, as said before in the chat paragraph: you will be able to chat with free members.

You can get this for 34,99$/1 month, 69,98$/3 months, 149,99$/12 months.

Website Design & Usability

The design is aligned with other Ecom Holdings Pty’s products. The company seems to care a lot about having modern designed websites, and they are strongly committed to users’ security online.

The usability is very high, as you understand immediately where the menu you will find your feature in. Ok, maybe it will take you a little more time if you are a boomer, but no big deal, we assure you that they are user-friendly enough for everyone’s needs.

Mobile Application

Write your international love story in just a few minutes with the InternationalCupid’s mobile app! We don’t wish to get sentimental about that, but our experience in dating websites allows us to feel the value of a mobile app.

You can chat and browse on the go, so to avoid a massive part of time consumption. It’s precisely what dating apps are for. Then, picture yourself on a business trip, receiving mute notifications from your brand-new exclusive platinum account on InternationalCupid. Worth the bill?

Contact Information

Company: Ecom Holdings Pty Ltd

Address: Level 5, 2502 / 5 Lawson Street, Southport QLD 4215, Australia

Phone: Australia – (07) 5612 5016

United Kingdom – 0808 164 8675

United States / Canada – 1-844-968-0958

International – +61 7 5612 5016

E-mail: info@ecomholdings.com


Have you fallen in love already? If you think that Russian roulette is not the same without a gun and you still wish to have a more competitive, insecure, and dangerous environment, get out of InternationalCupid right away.

There are a lot of big towns’ suburbs out there, waiting for you. If you wish you could find a hot guy or chick just sitting on your couch and browsing and chatting from your phone, here’s what you can do: take a look at InternationalCupid, and give it a chance.

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