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Fuck Marry Kill Review

Fuck Marry Kill Review
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 45%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 128 000
Reply Rate 99%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • PlayFMK brings the Fuck Marry Kill game real and makes it available for billions of teenagers and nostalgic people. A cutting-edge, directly on your mobile phone;
  • The app is working without bugs;
  • The environment is safe and ironic;
  • Easy and fast sign-up.
  • You can't take yourself seriously here, and not many people will want to date;
  • Low aged guys and girls.

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How Does Fuck Marry Kill Work?

Remember your teenage sleepovers? As you may have already heard, there are many dating apps whose primary concern is to repeat that feeling of a social game. What is Fuck Marry Kill’s goal?

Not only to replicate Fuck Marry Kill but also to fill your life with fun and eventually to date experiences. Why always relying on traditional media? Here, with Fuck Marry Kill, your teenage wasteland will be recalled entirely, and that powerful sense of friendship will surround you once again.

If you’re a teenager, you must be at least 18 years old to play this version of Fuck Marry Kill.

You will meet real people, and if the chat goes well, they can ask you out. Use your own judgment before subscribing. How does it work? You sign-up, you create a profile with a bunch of photos. Then you gather some real friends and play with them. This latter step is not compulsory, but it helps to enhance the fun and the entertainment.

So, once you start playing, you can select other people’s profiles thrice: one, you’ll fuck, one you’ll marry, and the last one not even on a zombie apocalypse!

They will know that you have liked or killed them, and you will know who did what to you. You will have a dedicated page.

Every time a person touches your profile, a match will occur, and you will see him/her within your chat section. Don’t take the killers too seriously, and read on if you are curious about knowing more.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

You can sign-up in two main ways: from the app directly, or from the website, through a browser. No matter which you choose, you won’t still be able to play Fuck Marry Kill from a Web browser. You can also use Instagram, or Facebook, to speed the whole process up.

Fuck Marry Kill works as an Android and IOS app, so go to your app store and sign-up from there, if you wish. You will have to give them your e-mail, username, password, and birthday and sexual preference. Then they will validate your profile by sending you a confirmation mail.

Once you are in, you are encouraged to take a picture and to start playing as soon as you have done it. Is this all? We are afraid, yes! Far easier than real life, where without friends it’s quite hard to play, Fuck Marry Kill lets you in just with little information about you.

So, let’s move on and see what you can do within your profile.

Profile Interface

Your profile is very easy to understand. Which do you think is the best way to showcase yourself? Would you like to show them a picture, a video, a fun description? While in the real Fuck Marry Kill, you usually don’t wonder about all those things too much, an app puts everything under a different light.

The main profile interface is a short videotape. See the video icon on the main toolbar? Tap on it and start recording yourself. The main issue here is not mating, dating, or being so hot they can’t avoid marrying you.

You should just flirt, have fun with friends commenting on other people’s choices, and so on. Why is everyone killing you? We can’t tell, but all that’s important is your self-worth. If you are up to play Fuck Marry Kill, you need to leave your pride home.

Find a decent pride-sitter, and move on from the profile interface to the communication features.



We have already mentioned how the match works. You will be surprised to find out that people do not match uniquely with husbands and wives, or lovers, but also with who has killed you.

Fuck Marry Kill is different from the real social game in this sense: only positivity and good vibes are allowed within this shelter. Fun is the keyword, and no haters are permitted. People will always mock you, as they have killed you for a reason. But don’t take them too seriously. We strengthen this point, as it’s a core issue.

Then, as said, a match occurs not only when you like someone, but also when you dislike it. It’s not shown within your chat icon (see the cartoon bubble on the main toolbar?), but you will be able to see them under the apposite section.

When a match occurs, the chat will be automatically displayed. If you are familiar with the Tinder app, you won’t find it hard to detect where the chat is and how it works. Now dabble a little, and don’t brag. The Playmfk game is just meant as a social collector and as an ice-breaker.

Once the chat has opened, it’s up to you to use it at best and to know more and more people online.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

Let’s get more into this very popular social game. One premise we need to make is: this game is only known within the US. So, if you come from another part of the world, you will unlikely know it.

You can’t be familiar with a game you have never played before, but if you are smart enough to learn it, and if you are a fast learner, and an open-minded person, you still can play freely enough.

There’s an issue, though, and here lies our premise: the people here mostly form the US. They don’t even know Fuck Marry Kill, outside! It may be a useful feature, considering that the best audience specimen is always closer to your home.

If you are craving for an International experience, of for real insights from other countries, you might be disappointed. We suppose you are not looking for that kind of experience, but if you are, just go to another dating app.

Let’s move forward and analyze the audience more in detail.

Users Age

There are more young people on the site. Even though not all the teens know the game nowadays, you will find more young people than old ones. Some very young people were able to circumvent the age restriction somehow. Or, maybe, they look younger than they are.

There’s no telling. Still, it’s hard to find a member who is more than 30 years old. Maybe some people are registering just for some minutes’ pleasure, and only to recall past joys. They unsubscribe a little later, as the young audience affects the average user’s experience.

Consider this: unlike other dating apps, Fuck Marry Kill

offers you three pictures at a time. Every time you play, you will see three different people.

It’s given that you will get in touch with a lot more people than with other dating apps. So, encounters with low-aged teens if far more probable than elsewhere.

Sexual Preferences

Sexual Preferences

You will be able to select your sexual preference as soon as you sign-up ad create your personal profile—no security at the front door, in this sense. Either you are straight or homo, you are welcomed here.

There is far more choice if you are heterosexual. As this game is meant to create one vs. three encounters, you can easily understand how a low audience is affecting the users’ experience.

It is a shame, as there is no sexual preference strictly related to Fuck Marry Kill. Ok, maybe in some countries you can’t “marry” if you are not straight, but that’s not the point.

If you are homosexual and you would like to play, advertise the Fuck Marry Kill app! Make it popular, and you will have room enough for you and for your friends to play and enjoy.

Race and Ethnicity

Fuck Marry Kill Ethnicity

The primary ethnicity is Caucasian, but there are plenty of ethnicities, as the app is US-based. Just to remind you that you can find far more ethnic variety within the US than in other countries, even in European ones.

Maybe you can cut out France and the UK, as they were colonialist countries, and now a lot of people around the world speak their language, and maybe Italy and Spain.

Feel free to check this yourself. As the sign-up is free, you will soon find out whether there is the ethnicity you are looking for.

Religious Orientation

There is no religious orientation of any type here on Fuck Marry Kill. It is a fun game, made mostly by teenagers and young people’s groups. It’s meant to make people flirt without the need of being an extrovert, so it’s not really a place to marry someone, or where the conversation is the main activity.

Fuck Marry Kill’s core business is to make people laugh and find a date, not to make them exchange opinions over who created the universe, or who is ruling this spinning world and shaping good and evil.

Would you like to start a debate, or to talk about children’s education? Fuck Marry Kill is not the right game to do so. So, even if you like lost causes, we recommend switching to another website if religion is what you are looking for. Besides, killing is not tolerated by all religions, as far as we know.

Fuck Marry Kill Dating Website Features

Fuck Marry Kill Dating Website Features

Have you ever played to Fuck Marry Kill? If so, you may be wondering, “how can they create the atmosphere, how can they manage the stream of people’s data correctly, how do they create matches?”.

About matches, we can’t explain that in an easier way. If you still don’t get it, go and check it out with your own thumbs. If you haven’t played before, here’s how it works: you have a specific feature within the main toolbar, which is “play.” You will be shown three profiles at a time.

From there, you can choose who you would like to fuck, who to marry, who to kill. That’s it. The app will record your choices and show them to the users you married, fucked, or killed. You can then see within the matches section which has chosen you for either three. Finally, you will find a chat section where you chat.

Those are the main features, which are not concealed to you when you sign-up. It’s maybe more difficult to explain than to play, so we encourage you to give it a shot.

Safety & Security

The privacy protection is average. Fuck Marry Kill is claiming into the Privacy Policy that they are selling your aggregated data to third parties. Don’t be afraid; that’s what all websites do, especially when you sign in with an e-mail and provide personal information about yourself.

“Tell me more” is the constant marketing’s mantra, so if you want dating websites to be free for a while more, you will need to let them sell your data. No big deal, like your name, or credit card details, is not shown, and your sexual preference, for instance, is not related to your e-mail or your name.

Regarding security measures, they are just average. You can report users, but please bear in mind that cheesiness is not a felony.

Is Fuck Marry Kill Legit or Scam Service?

We asked it that way because users online are obsessed with cons, and we can easily get why. Especially when the security measures are low, and there is no phone or e-mail verification, the members online are, unfortunately, not fit.

There are fakers and scammers everywhere, but not here on Fuck Marry Kill. Or, at least, there might be scammers here, too, but let’s face it: the security measures are high. If you are looking for a legit service, you have found it.

Subscription Types and Price

Subscription Types and Price

There are still no memberships available in Fuck Marry Kill. The app went viral soon after it was launched, and it got to the point that we thought they would make us pay for it. But nothing happened, and the app is still totally free.

Free Membership

You can do everything with a free membership, as by now, the app is free. You can never say never. Let’s enjoy the party while it’s still ongoing.

There are no special features, no hidden fees, no need to give away your credit card details: the app is totally free. You can purchase some virtual winks and gifts, though. The prices are displayed within the app.

Make sure you are performing payments through your app store, in a legal way. Be wary of users trying to sell you those virtual gifts.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

As it’s a cutting-edge app, the design is also highly usable and friendly. Everything is displayed within the main toolbar, and like any other app on earth, you can be flooded by tabs, as your mobile’s screen is tiny.

We have experienced no bugs during our Fuck Marry Kill’s journey. The app works well, and everything is polished, plain, and easy to understand. You won’t be bothered by ads. Not yet.

We enjoyed the pink and white design, hinting to mean girls’ gangs. At least, that’s what we thought, maybe you will just see some Tinder in it. What’s sure is: you won’t get lost within Fuck Marry Kill.

Mobile Application

Fuck Marry Kill Mobile Application

The app is available both for Android and for Apple devices. There’s no web browser version, so if you are planning to play Fuck Marry Kill from your personal computer, you will be disappointed.

No developer thought that people could take the best of it from a computer. Maybe the app is meant to be played in a friendly environment, with your colleagues, friends, best friends, schoolmates, and others.

So why entangling it to a computer?

Contact Information


Adress: Edifício Altejo, Rua 3 da Matinha, 101, 1950-326 Lisboa (PORTUGAL)

Phone: no phone available, you should use the e-mail address

E-mail: hello@PlayFMK.com.


A review won’t make you subscribe, and you can’t possibly be unsatisfied by a service you are not paying for. You may not like it, or you might get bored. But we found little to no users who were not satisfied or amused, so our take is: go out there and try Fuck Merry Kill out.

You won’t be disappointed by poor content, or annoying ads or bugs. Nor by cheesy people, as most of them are young and seem nice. Here, irony reigns, and you should keep your ego from popping out when not needed.

Here you will be mocked, but you will likely find new friends, if not a decent new date. At this point, the question is: when will we get started?

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