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FriendFinder Review

FriendFinder Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 69%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 25 750
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to set-up an account and to edit it;
  • E-mail verification is an extra security measure;
  • 3 minutes sign-up process;
  • No previous experience in dating websites needed: you will instantly understand how all the features work.
  • The layout is a little overwhelming;
  • There are not many users online.

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How does It Work?

As usual, they try to lure you in by horny or nice profiles shown on the main page within dating and hookup websites.

They are trying to sell you a product, so our recommendation is to judge a book by its content, more than by its cover.

Reading “FriendFinder,” you might be led to think that this is a place where to find friendship.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the first question they will ask you as soon as you try to sign-up is, “who are you looking for? Men or women?”. Hence, this is another dating hookup website. The good thing is that here almost everyone has an open-minded view, and you can find both pen pals and hookups.

You can create your own profile, search for other people, chat, and so on. Are you ready to know more about this compelling dating platform? Would you like to see if it’s a scam or if it’s legit? Follow us in this review, and in the end, you can get your shot.

Sign-Up & Login Process


There are five easy steps and no time losses on the way. Just go to the FriendFinder website, and click on the sign-up tab. You should fill in the form now: first, your gender, and what you are looking for, then your birthday, age, e-mail, username, and password.

Make sure you create a strong password, as identity stealing is, unfortunately, a quite common activity online, especially regarding websites where you are providing personal information. Hence, go on with the sign-up process and tell them about your race, sexual orientation, body type, and civil status (whether you are married). You are not feeling comfortable giving that many details? No worries, you can just pick the “prefer not to say” option. Now fill in the box with some personal information.

Profile Interface

Every section of the website is clear, and you will understand how everything works at first glance.

Go for your profile section and change your personal description as soon as you can. People should know you better and your life experience, so you should write a proper description.

Use the “upload picture” button to upload a profile picture and showcase yourself at the best side. Make sure there are no geographical references nor children, nor recognizable people in your final choice.

All that you are writing here will appear as other users browse and find your profile. Like a business card, it should be fun, short, and compelling.


FriendFinder Matches/Communication

A little bug may occur during your sign-up process, especially if you do not sign-in within the US. You may be re-directed to the login page an infinite number of times. So, make sure that your country is included in their whitelist.

Otherwise, you can be kicked out. We have no tell of which countries are excluded and which are not. If you would like to be sure, you can connect from an American IP, and take a look at the members coming from your geographic area, once you are inside. Hence, this premise lets you know how hard it could be to make a real match on FriendFinder. Once you are online, you can use the single line advice bar and type within it. Or, you can go for the blog session, if you are more a bloggy type.

Cut loose from usual researching parameters, and try getting your new acquaintances that way. It’s not that usual to find a blog section in a dating/hookup website, so take advantage of it! Then, there’s the regular mail service, where you write messages to users, and they write you back.

Members Structure and Activities

FriendFinder Structure and Activities

There are 170k members in total on this site, but there were only slightly more than a hundred as we reviewed the website. Unfortunately, there are no big chances of exchanging points of view, but maybe you will be lucky enough.

Those hundred and a little more, they are active members. That means that they are answering you back, while the other ones are like frozen. So, what you can do, for instance, is to check the members’ structure. We found that there are far more men than women.

Users Age

There’s no real tell about the average age, or sexual preference, of the other members’ religion, as unfortunately a lot of them would like to be paid for their services, and we can’t consider them in the whole amount.

The average age goes from the girls in their 20th to the men in their 40th. It is a trend when talking about dating websites. We can’t imagine where the other folks go!

Before you get started, some advice is thrilled by this latter consideration we made: don’t always trust the age that people declare. Also, don’t always trust the gender, because an unbelievably high number of members is pretending to be someone they are not.

It not only happens in FriendFinder, but it is also on other sites.

Sexual Preferences

FriendFinder Sexual Preferences

The same argument is valid when talking about sexual preference. While we are writing this review, there are slightly more than one hundred active members. 90% of them are straight, while the other ones are looking for more than one opportunity.

This ratio includes almost uniquely bisexual women and some homosexual men. So, let’s say that the primary sexual preference is a straight one, but there are others. Don’t rely too much on them, though, as there are many websites where finding a homosexual story is far more comfortable.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no primary ethnicity, although it appears there are more Caucasian than people from other ethnicities. It does not mean there are no other ethnicities, but we can state that it’s quite hard for you to find it here if you are looking for a particular ethnic or body type.

In FriendFinder, there is a slighter possibility of finding specific types, as there are such few users online. Like it always happens, the rate of success decreases when the specimen is smaller.

You can still have fun and meet people from around the world, and a plus maybe the private environment. For some people, dating is just a matter of how cozy you feel in a place, so take a look and make up your mind!

Religious Orientation

FriendFinder Religious Orientation

Although there’s the possibility of selecting your religion, which will appear on your personal profile, not many people are declaring their religion. Maybe if you are attending religious feasts regularly, and looking for a like-minded soulmate, this is not the place for you.

The website’s title may deceive you. We get it: what is so wrong in wanting to find a friend? Nothing! But actually, it’s quite naive to believe still that here in FriendFinder you can talk about politics or football. The main goal of people here is to find other people to talk to in a free environment, where they are not turning up their noses as soon as you speak about sex or personal feelings.

There’s no necessity of talking about sex explicitly, but you will find sex-minded people here. So, if you are a religious person and think you can’t bear this, we strongly recommend finding a place that fits your needs.

FriendFinder Dating Website Features

There are no a lot of sets of features here on FriendFinder. If you are well aware of how other dating websites are, you might be wondering if notifications and pop-ups will disturb you.

No worries, as the website is not overwhelming at all. Maybe the layout is a little crowded, but this is just a minor setback: there’s the chat option, then the browse option, and they are quite basic—the information panel, the wink feature, which is something like Facebook’s like feature.

The wink feature expresses interest towards other members, so it’s like a nicer “hi.” Take advantage of it if you run out of fantasy, and you need an ice-breaker with the most beautiful profile you have spotted online.

You can narrow your search results and list profiles by freshness, activity, last visit, etc. Then, you may have noticed the “forum” and “blog” section, they speak for themselves. Here you can showcase yourself at best, and you will be noticed not for your winks or random salutations, but by your real thoughts and public speeches.

Safety & Security

FriendFinder Safety & Security

The website holds a standard privacy policy, where you are allowed to share your personal details with other users, but only if you choose it yourself. The site will retain your personal information and keep it safe and locked, using standard security measures. The privacy policy is to be read, though. Not all the users always read every comma and article of every piece of paper they sign, but the Privacy policy is actually an agreement, so you really should.

The website is regularly selling your data to third parties, presenting them in an aggregated form, so that they won’t affect your privacy at all. Still, they are making a lot of money from them, and you should be aware of this, especially when you are paying for starting a conversation and replying to every message you receive.

Is FriendFinder Legit or Scam Service?

FriendFinder only allows people with a valid e-mail address to register. After registration is completed, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to your address. It is one of the best ways to protect members of this site from scammers and fake profiles. Moreover, this website does not link any of your existing social network accounts. So, this website is absolutely legit.

Subscription Types and Price

If you have already signed-up, you may have noticed that there is no way for you to contact another user. The message sending is not available unless you are a Gold or Silver Member, so now it’s time to tell you a little bit more about these two memberships.

We will further discuss the Gold and Silver membership, but first, be aware of this: you won’t do much with a free membership. For some users, this is a just setback standing between them and the paying moment. Then, some others would like to take a look at the app or website before they can pay. It depends on which category you are falling under. Stay tuned and read on.

Free Membership

So, no special features with a free membership, but you will still be able to look at other people’s profiles, see their messages, some of their photos, and do broad research among users online.

You will see the interface and take a look at the blog and forum session. Mainly, you will taste how the FriendFinder’s community is, so we strongly suggest you pay to stay for a while as a free user.

The vast majority of members are a free user or an inactive member to be in good company.

Due maybe to a bug occurring on FriendFinder, we weren’t able to see the paid memberships’ pages along with the prices. They are maybe updating them after the Coronavirus makes the member toll a little more dynamic.

Here’s what you can do with a paid membership, either the Silver and the Gold one: you can chat with people, and answer them back if they contact you first. With a Gold membership, you can allow free members to answer you back.

So, there’s no charge to partake with all the other members: you can be the only one paying, and still, chat with other users who are not willing to avail of a membership.

Website Design and Usability

FriendFinder Design and Usability

The design is a little old-fashioned, and the main page may look a little crowded. It’s quite common not to find a middle way among dating websites: either you get a flooded-with-add-ons homepage, or you have a minimalistic design, and not that many features.

The dating and hookup websites falling under one of those categories is the vast majority. Still, FriendFinder’s usability is high, once you have understood where everything lies. The site is not that much layered, so using the main menu, you will surf effortlessly.

Mobile Application

Do you ready to find a friend on the go? The FriendFinder mobile app should now be available both for Android and for Apple devices. So, don’t feel discriminated against if you don’t have a working personal computer, of MacBook.

Go to your app store and check if the app is still available. From time to time, they delete it, due to adult content, so if you don’t find it at your first attempt, this does not necessarily mean that the app is not available in your country. We recommend you check this directly from the main page of the website, to save time.

Contact Information

Company: Various, Inc

Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA

Phone: 888-575-8383 (for the US), 0800 098 8311(UK), 1800 954 607 (AU) o 408-702-1033 (any other country).

E-mail: support@FriendFinder.com


Are you ready to meet new friends? We hope you have enjoyed this review inside FriendFinder. Now that you know a little bit more about the website, you can manage to make a wiser decision.

If you are subscribing, we should wish you good luck: there might not be many users online, but you can find a soul mate among them. If you believe in good luck, there’s always a chance.

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