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Fling Review

Fling Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating site has an interface that is not just dynamic but also sexually stimulating.
  • Fling has a variety of user bases, which makes it easy for members to get their specifications.
  • The dating site has a 3 months Get Laid Guarantee, meaning that if 3 months elapse without you getting a hookup, the site will give you another free 3 months.
  • Unlike other dating sites, Fling has no compatibility test to determine if you and your match are compatible.
  • Fling is more of a self-service site than a matching venue, as you have to do most of the matching work yourself.
  • The excessively sexual interface can be overwhelming to conservative or new users.

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Fling is a dating site where people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations can search for other people who are interested in dating or having a onetime fling. A slight difference between Fling and other dating sites is that as the name connotes, Fling is a lot more casual than others. Getting a one-night stand is quite common on the dating site while getting a long-term relationship is harder and near impossible.

In 2006, the causal dating site was created by Global Personals Media, and presently, it has over 3 million members all around the world. A more significant percentage of the dating site’s users are based in the US, Russia, and Australia.

Fling Review 2020

How Does it Work?

Fling is a dating site where you post your specifications of what you’re looking for in a possible match. While most dating platforms have the matching features that match them with other users, it isn’t so with Fling. Fling does not suggest possible matches for you. Instead, you create a profile on the site and search for other users you are interested in and those who are interested in you.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up on Fling is quite hassle-free as it would approximately take sixty seconds to create an account on the dating site. During the sign-up process, you have to select your gender, whether you are a man, woman, or couple. After this, you’ll specify your preferred gender of interest, whether man, woman, or couple.

Your age is next, after which you input your zip code so the dating platform can determine your location. Once you’re done inputting these, you choose your preferred password and email address. A mail is sent to your email address to verify your account. However, you can continue using the dating site even without checking your account.

Logging in is even more comfortable. All you have to do is input your email address and password. When you log in for the first time, you are shown a gallery with several pictures with instructions for selecting those you consider hot. Your selection is then used to help you match better with other users.

Profile Interface

Fling’s profile interface is quite similar to that of social media sites and apps. One of these similarities is that, like most social media apps, you can post statuses on your Profile. Unlike social media sites, however, there is little to no censorship as you can post nude pictures of yourself as long as your sexual organs don’t take up most of your picture.

Your Profile contains basic information of you, such as your age, gender, height, body type, and a few other info. The profile information can, however, be changed whenever you want. There is also another feature called “Text boxes.”

With text boxes, you can explain in detail who you are and what you are looking for. Information like profession, spoken languages, income, living arrangements, and religion is part of what you can leave in the text boxes. Asides these, you can also specify what you are comfortable with and your sexual interests.

All this profile information about you can be seen by other users as long as they are paid users. The only thing that free users can see is the profile picture, as you would have to own a premium account to be able to view other user’s profiles.

Profile Interface


To help you find matches, Fling has free search options and filters: filters are a lot when compared to other dating websites. The search feature enables you to search for other users using filters like zip code, age, country, sexual preferences, and gender. Also, you can filter your search in such a way that you only get to see online users, users with profile photos, users with veggies account, and even users who are presently streaming their video.

If these are not enough for you, you can also make use of the more advanced search feature with filters like height, Hari color, eye color, race, body type, and other specific filters. You can also search for other users based on their sexual preferences like a one-night stand, a weekend fling, friends with benefits, and even threesome.

There are several options from which you can find matches and chat with people. Some of them are the New Faces, Most Popular, Online Now, SMS Members, features. Other options are the video chat and the Who’s cute games.

Video Chat

If you find the text chatting a little boring or less steamy, then you can make use of their video chat so that you and your match can see each other face to face and even engage in virtual sex on Cam. The video chat is encouraged by the site, especially since causal sex and hookups are what the site caters to. Of course, you would have to be a paid user to be able to use the video chat feature.

Who’s Cute

The Who’s Cute feature is a game that allows users to rate other users according to their physical attributes and sexual appeal. This is quite beneficial for the users because the more users you rate, the more visibility your Profile gets, and the more likely other users are to find you. The best part of it is that if your Profile is rated high by other users, then your Profile gains a popularity boost.

As a free user, you will get notified when someone sends you a message. However, you will be unable to see the message until you upgrade your account to a paid one. Also, you can not send messages to other users as a free user.


Members Structure and Activities

On Fling, there are 3 million users from the USA. Out of these 3 million users, at least 100,000 users are active weekly. The male users outnumber the females as 70% of users are male while the other 30% are female.

A large percentage of Fling users are interested in hookups, one-night stand, and weekend flings. The average age of Fling members is 30-35.

With Fling, there are no “games” or pretensions because nearly everyone is on Fling for quick sex and hookups. From the sexually explicit interface of the site to the naked Profile pictures, the site has made it obvious that casual sex is its forte.

Fling is a site where everyone is comfortable in their skin and sexuality. From showing their nakedness to strangers to experimenting, Fling is not exactly the place for the prude or sexually conservative. Because of its emphasis on casual sex and Fling, Fling is not precisely the ideal place to look for long-term or serious relationships. While some members have found themselves falling in love with their friends with benefits, and building serious relationships with them, it is quite uncommon.

Users Age

Users within the ages of 35-44 are the most common, followed closely by the younger ones between 25-34. Users between the ages of 45-54 are next, and they are also followed by young adults between 18-24. The age with the lowest users is 55 and older.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

On Fling, casual sex and flings are quite popular. Therefore, most of the users are usually more interested in a one-night stand, a weekend fling, friends with benefits, threesome, and even orgy. Being an all-inclusive dating site, Fling has made provisions for people with similar or unpopular sexual preferences. With their search filters, you can search for people with the same sexual preferences as yours.

Race and Ethnicity

Fling is a diverse dating site, and its diversity is portrayed by the fact that all races and ethnic groups can be seen on the site. While some countries and ethnic groups have more fling users than others, it depends more on their personal choice than the website’s policies.

However, while the dating site is all-inclusive, the site is not available in some countries: this is to ensure that the security of their users is guaranteed.

Religious Orientation

Being an all-inclusive site, the dating website welcomes everyone irrespective of their religious orientation, especially since this has little to nothing to do with the purpose and aim of the platform. However, provisions are made for those interested only in dating people with the same religious orientation as themselves.

This is why – upon registration – users are allowed to pick their religious orientation. Religious orientation filters are also available in the search features, and this enables you to see only people with the same religious orientation as yourself.

Religious Orientation

Fling Dating Website Features

Here are some critical features of Fling:

  1. A dynamic and sexually suggestive interface that you are going to find lively greets you as soon as you log in into your Fling account. Right from the homepage, you can see a sticker-like pictures gallery from which you can add profiles to your network without delay. You also get new in-screen chat pop-ups. About 50 moving and still pictures are also divided into 9 modules that consist of; Premium Live Cams, Who’s Viewed Me, My Online Friends, Popular Member Photos, Popular Member Videos, Hotties, Featured Members and Members on Video Chat.

The advanced search feature allows you to filter your searches so that you can get precisely what you are looking for. They are based on km filters such as location, sexual preferences, age, verified membership, and many more.

  1. As a user, you can engage in website activities like posting status updates. While most online dating platforms usually limit their status updates to pictures and video only, Fling also features text-based updates.
  2. While Fling contains sexually explicit content, you can customize your own experience to your taste. With a visibility preference option, you can turn on safe mode on your Profile to block off sexually explicit content. With discreet mode, also, only selected users and friends can see your Profile. If you also need a break from Fling, you can simply deactivate your Profile for a specific period without the fear of losing your account or jeopardizing membership.

Advanced/Special Features.

These unique features are only available to paid users.

  • Live Girls on Fling

As part of Fling’s forte which is encouraging casual flings and sex, Fling partnered with a live Cam company to offer love Cam girls for Fling’s users. A free user can only see preview pictures and necessary information about a cam girl. Join the cam girl’s room, chat with her, and then make your requests. To do that you have to pay for a premium membership. Fling’s rates for live girls are on a per-minute basis.

  • Content Sale

Users of Fling can make profits by selling premium adult-rated content through the site. These contents range from sexually explicit pictures and videos that contain foreplay, amateur sex, and even solo play.

  • Sex Shop

Fling has also partnered with an online sex toy store to set up its own sex shop. Users of the dating site can buy adult movies, sex toys, adult wears, and also enjoy freebies and discounts in the store. The good thing is that payment is quite discreet and would only show up as “Gamelink” in your credit card history, so you don’t have to worry about people finding out.

  • Video Chat

For those who want something more than the plain old texting, the dating site allows video chat where you would be able to see other users face-to-face and even engage in mind-blowing sex on camera. This feature is only available for paid members.

3-Months Get Laid Guarantee

With Fling’s 3 Month Get Laid Guarantee, if you have not been successful in finding a hookup by the end of 3 months, then Fling will give you an additional 3-months free subscription. This feature is only available for paid users.

Who’s Cute

The Who’s Cute feature is a game that allows you to rate others based on their physical attributes and sexual appeal. The more users you rate, the more visible your Profile becomes. Also, if you have a high rating among other users, your Profile gets a boost.

Fling Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

In order to maintain safety, Fling has a 24/7 team that reviews the team. Also, your email address and personal information are safe as they are not shared with any third party. Your payment is also verified through authorized sales agents of Epoch, WTSeTicket, and SegPay. Fling is verified Norton Secured.

Is Fling legit or Scam Service?

Fling is a legit service as a lot of people have used their services over time.

Subscription Types and Price

Duration Costs Total
1 Months 34.95 USD / Month 34.95 USD
6 Months 11.66 USD / Month 69.95 USD
12 Months 9.90 USD / Month 118.80 USD

Free Membership

  • Account Registration.
  • Image Galleries.
  • Plays “Who’s Cute” game.
  • See who liked your Profile.
  • See who viewed your Profile.
  • Profile Creation
  • You can view other user’s profiles.
  • You can have Cam chats with live girls.
  • You can buy items from a sex shop.
  • You can video chat with other members.
Paid Membership

Website design and usability

Fling’s design is quite plain and straightforward. With a lot of features available, the simple design complements it perfectly. With a simple design, the website is more accessible and organized.

Mobile Application

Fling is only available via browser. The Fling app that is available on iTunes and Google Play is from another company, so Fling itself doesn’t have any Mobile App.

Contact Information

Company: Global Personal Media

Address: 705 Washington Ave – Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 305-998-7777

Email: info@globalpersonalsmedia.com


Fling is not exactly the place to find long term relationships. Nevertheless, if you are looking to explore your sexuality and find people with the same sexual orientation as you are, then Fling is where you should be. The site is so confident in getting you a hookup that it even guarantees you a hookup in 3 months, or you get 3 more months for free. However, as a free user, you might not be able to experience most of the site’s features.

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