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Fast Flirting Review

Fast Flirting Review
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 23 987 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to use site
  • Instant access to chats
  • No email verification
  • Hardly any members
  • Instant chat
  • No verified identities
  • No mobile app

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Fast Flirting is a chat forum for quick and dirty texts with a timer of 10 minutes. This site aims to connect its members with a fast and nasty hookup in the shortest amount of time possible. You will quickly get the idea and be able to decide whether this place is for you after our Fast Flirting review. Read more to understand if it’s worth your time. Luckily, there are no money issues involved, so you risk nothing except your time and good mood.

How does it work?

It functions somewhat like a WhatsApp chat group that is barely moderated. After a quick and botherless registration, you may join the site’s activities absolutely free. The main idea of the site is quick exchanging of flirty messages with an option to go offline with the person or just leave it to the Internet. The people here don’t seem to bother much with the expression they make. Sexting and rather explicit photos are common things on this site. We’d like to say it is effective somehow, but there are no facts to state this. However, people use it, and there is always a number of active users online.

Could Fast Flirting be a hidden gem? Take a look at more details about this site and decide for yourself.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The signup and registration are (with hindsight) far, far too quick. Options are the usual man seeking women/men, or woman seeking men/women.

There is no need for email verification. You get to jump to flirts; the whole setup seems like someone’s WhatsApp group, and the registration is almost instant. There is no need to provide your actual information or say your real name as no one seems to be checking it. The same goes for what people say here. You may come across some offensive users. Don’t be hesitant to block them at once. However, there are lots of accounts with real people pictures, though taglines in females’ profiles often offer you to look for her on some other site, which is a well-known mark of scam account.

Profile interface

Profile Interface

The profiles are brief. For all the eloquence of the many potential suitors, it surprises that the profile requisites are lengthy:

  • Country
  • Zodiac sign
  • Looking for

Fast Flirting does not use algorithm-based matchmaking technology. In fact, Fast Flirting uses nothing at all besides a searching tool and chatting option.

The nature of communication on this site does not lend itself to finding a long-term romance even though we saw a profile or two seeking love. This site looks more like a ‘stranger meets, a stranger sexts’ scenario. You need not know someone’s taste in music to do that.

This site boasts a cosmopolitan addition of a few Australians and American users. Most of the members are people from the UK. You can easily say the nationality, as the member’s state flag is displayed on their profile picture.

When searching through profiles, Fast Flirting presents you with a single file list of profile photos with their username, age, gender, and tagline. There is no space to flesh your profile out more besides the tagline.



There are no real matchmaking features on this site at all. You get some random users to check on, and that is all. The profiles are limited to the name, photo, tagline, and, rarely, some more info. You have almost nothing to stop your eyes on. Given that the site is just for quick flirt and sexting, there is not much to expect from it—nothing serious, just dirty talks, which, by the way, seem not moderated. The Privacy Policy of the site was last updated in 2018, and it looks like nobody is watching you now. This leads to some offensive taglines and inappropriate behavior.

Manual filters give members the option to search based on:

  • Gender
  • Male
  • Age
  • Any
  • Country
  • Language
  • With photos only
  • Online only

You also have an option to search by usernames to find someone you may have chatted with in the past. There does not seem to be any geolocation filters at all on this site, which is probably a blessing.

You may send a “Flirt” if you are shy to text a person at once. Still, the site is obviously not suitable for shy people.

You may add members to your favorites so you may contact them later, should you find anyone worth making your favorites list.

You can also see the members who have liked you in your options. To give Fast Flirting a good test drive, we’ve tried some communicating with a random user. It didn’t go well, though you may still try your luck, just be prepared to meet some really unpleasant people. The site has no requirements for its users at all, so you may come across a big fat troll or just a jerk.

Members structure and activities

There were quite a few youngsters online in their early twenties and quite a few in their 50s, so it is somewhat a mixed-age site.

Users Age

Users’ age ranges from twenty-something to very mature people. So, there are a wide variety of partners for you to choose from. There seemed a fairly broad mix of ages with a higher density of 50+ and 20-something’s online.

Sexual Preferences

The site welcomes anyone who wants to get laid quick or have some dirty talks online. You don’t need to indicate your orientation in the profile, but you may mention it in your tagline.

Race And Ethnicity

Race And Ethnicity

There are no ethnicity filters, and the main trait you should have to join the site is the understanding of the idea of Fast Flirting. There is no such filter in search as well, so your ethnicity doesn’t really matter.

Religious Orientation

Users cannot choose religion as a filter or as a profile option. Besides, given this site’s community and its overall feel, it is unlikely many of Fast Flirting users are faithful or even slightly religious.

Fast Flirting dating website features

This website is really basic. It only offers straight texting, without any forums or chatroom options. There is just straight messaging and several photos a member may view. The photos may be quote explicit due to lack of moderation on the site.

There is an option of:

  • Flirt
  • Inbox
  • Friends
  • Who liked me?
  • Hot photos
  • Search profiles

Safety & Security

Fast Flirting has guidelines for online safety on the site itself, the usual pointers such as not sharing personal information or banking details. It also features a standard third-party disclaimer, but it is not accompanied by any physical address standard in legal disclaimers.

In fact, there is no helpline or any physical means of contact except by online form. There was a profile on the site claiming to be a site administrator, but we received no response from him over a 48-hour period.

There is no reference at all as to the ownership of this site online, and because it is a free site, there is no means to find ownership via their payment portals such as Google Play or App Store.

This site is pretty much a ghost site, even though we see that some members have been using it since 2016.

Is Fast Flirting legit or scam service?

Is Fast Flirting Legit or Scam Service?

No contact address, no sight of an owner, no real reviews. They claim to have been operational since 2002, but there is no verification of this fact. There are members on this site who have been there for over five years, but there is no physical contact or identity of ownership anywhere online. We did ask the administrator and even sent an online contact form, but there was no response.

This service seems a legitimate site in that no subscription is required to make full use of its features. From a money scam point of view, it is doubtful that Fast Flirting is a scam. There are no pop-ups, and there is minimal advertising (one block under the homepage), and no user is lured to any links outside of the site itself.

In general it seems forbidden by an owner and there is no clear understanding how to get help from the support team. So, your safety is on you. Use common sense and don’t go verry chatty with a random stranger.

Subscription types and price

Fast Flirting is a free site where users may use all the site features at no cost.

Free Membership

Only the outstanding things in life are free unless you stumble onto this site.

  • Free profile
  • Free photos (up to 6)
  • Free messaging
  • Favorites
  • Who liked me?
  • Message inbox
  • Free browsing
  • Basic filters for searches

The site is entirely free and does not offer any subscriptions. So if you come across someone who asks for money, don’t do a thing except blocking the user right away.

Website design and usability

Website design and usability

Fast Flirting is neatly arranged according to its features in a blue and green border pleasing to the eye. The website translates well into the mobile version but with its limited features, which isn’t so hard to achieve.

This whole website functions as an online WhatsApp group. It is easy to navigate between tabs and user profiles.

Members are active online (234 while we were conducting this review), but most don’t really want to chat at all, and messages get graphic in a sexual sense.

The lack of verification seems to encourage people to speak what is on their minds without consideration for who they are approaching and to forego all the niceties that create the opportunity for actual communication.

The website is quite neat, though; if you don’t read the profile tags, it even appears quite a clean site. There is no nudity in the photographs, though some portraits in lingerie may be present. This site functions on a basic text level, but it has a good (albeit unimaginative) clean interface and is pop-up ad-free.

Mobile application

There are no mobile apps available on this platform, and the site offers a mobile version of their desktop site. The site translates well into a mobile format and is easy to navigate with fast response time in live chat.

The layout is uncluttered, and it is easy to move between function and features on the handheld version.

Searches are quick and simple to scroll, and there are always 120 odd active users online, and most respond when flirted or texted. The instant messaging is smooth with no lags and quick response time.

Contact information

Contact information

  • Company: Fast Flirting
  • Address: n/a
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email: via website


Fast Flirting is basically a sexting platform to send dirty texts to others for free. However, expect no fancy talks and engaging conversations – most people are here to be the uncensored versions of themselves. Considering the lack of moderation, you may come across scammers, jerks, and trolls. If you are in the mood for a romance, you are welcome to search for a much more decent platform. This is certainly not the site for you if you are seeking love or serious relationships. Most profiles hardly give you any description of the person, except for the photo and gender. The search feature is very poor and basic, leaving you with just luck.

On the bright side, not all the profiles were that bad. Some profiles seemed to be from genuinely lonely folks looking to meet people or have a quick chat. You need to be careful when choosing your interlocutors, but you have all the freedom to block any user anytime.

We would not recommend this site to nice people with good intentions. Technically speaking, nothing is wrong with it. But, as we said, this site is not a very sophisticated place to communicate. It’s the Internet in its raw, so expect nothing and be prepared for anything.

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