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Farmers Dating Review

Farmers Dating Review
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 13 498 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy & free registration
  • Lots of genuine profiles
  • Refined search options
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Rapid Match options
  • Manual matchmaking only
  • No live stream or online voice chat
  • Conservative search filters
  • Basic design and functions
  • No chatrooms

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Farmers Dating is a site targeting singles in rural areas. However, it does not exclude city-dwellers hoping to relocate from their large, heavily-populated districts. It offers anyone interested in the farmer’s lifestyle a chance to connect and find their happily-ever-after. Another feature of this site is that it promotes the traditional values of nuclear families and religion. Sounds like this could be your cup of tea? Then, take a look at our review to find out everything you need to know about this service.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Farmers Dating is a niche dating site for those folks who live outside the cities, usually on large farms. It also targets people who are seeking a more rural type of lifestyle. Often farmers don’t have the same opportunities to meet compatible singles, being based far from the urban hubs. This site allows farmers, or those seeking a more traditional and rural lifestyle, to connect and perhaps, find love and romance.

First Beat Media is a company specializing in online niche dating sites. It has a huge portfolio of sites with Farmers Dating one of them. They specialize in under-represented minorities seeking love online with sites as diverse as Wheelchair Love and Meet Lutheran Singles.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Unlike many modern sites where you have a head-scratching variety of gender search options, you know you are in the farming territory when you see the “man seeking woman” and “woman seeking man.” The green background with the old-fashioned logotype perfectly reflects the conservative nature of Farmers Dating. The sign up is quick and easy, and you can upload a photo to complete your profile at your leisure.

Then they ask for your name, age, and photograph (optional), how tall you are, as well as your ethnicity. A tagline is then required and a short 40-character minimum description of the kind of man/woman you are seeking.

They require users to start a free week trial to see further into their site. There is no option to browse this site without a trial. You may cancel this 24 hours before it auto-renews, but it is still annoying to cancel a subscription when all you want to do is browse the site.

You may start browsing once you set up your profile, even if it is still incomplete. The search shows up neatly arranged in single frame columns with profile photos and members’ “Looking For” details.

Profile interface

Profile Interface

The profile interface is a bit thin on the information side. There is no curated algorithm based on matchmaking technology on this site, and so you need not fill in personality type questionnaires. Profile information reflects people’s habits and nature, which suits the Farmers Dating site’s home-grown ethos. They divide their profile information into eight different categories.

  • Basic information

This provides space for your headline, your location, age, and languages.

  • Appearance & Situation

Here you describe your physical characteristics, ethnicity, marital status, whether you have kids or want kids. They add a few touches like “Best Feature,” and you may choose how many and what pets you own. It is amusing to find the option of “I wouldn’t even think about it” under the body art options.

  • The farmer in me

This section is more for the guys. You get to say which tractor you prefer and details about your farm, whether you own a farm or farm livestock or agriculture. You are also asked to tell “Why Dating a Farmer is Better,” in free writing format.

  • Personality

Farmers Dating bases their personality questions on what kind of kid you were at school (brains, bully, nerd, class clown, etc.) Your interests and hobbies section offers quite a choice of lifestyle and interests to choose from, and what you define as a “Good time” (sleeping was an option, nice).

You get to free-write your ideal first date and what you always wanted to try. Then, you describe yourself according to how your friends see you. It was cute that “A troll” was an option. Who would choose that?

  • Views

It had to come in somewhere. When we are dealing with old-fashioned values, religious views take center stage. In the Views section, you choose from a host of Christian denominations and a few token others. You must then describe how often you attend church services (from once a day). Political views come next. You know what you have to say.

Life goals are the next free writing option and a quick list describing your sense of humor.

  • Taste

Taste covers standard music, tv, and book choices, topped by a free writing option of “My Idea of Fun Is.”

  • Looking For

This section covers information about the kind of partner you are seeking and what you find attractive. You may express your intention for your search in this section, i.e., friendship or marriage.



There is no fancy city-type matchmaking going on on this site. This is an old school “If You Want It done right then do-it-yourself logic.” Members can do searches with some very basic distance and age settings. They can also choose to view profiles with photographs only.

User may refine their search manually through the refined search filters, which are surprisingly many:

  • Spoken Languages
  • Body Type
  • Height
  • Eye Color
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital Situation
  • Have Kids
  • Want Kids
  • Hair Color
  • Pets
  • Relocate
  • Education Level
  • Employment Status
  • Specialty
  • Annual Income
  • Living Arrangements
  • Housing Situation
  • Smoker
  • Drinker
  • Social Behavior
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Idea of A Significant Time
  • Friends Describe Me As
  • Religion
  • Attend Services
  • Political Views
  • TV Selection
  • Movie Selection
  • Music Selection
  • Reading Selection
  • Attracted To
  • Relationship Type.

With this kind of detail in search filters, users can get pretty specific in their search. But, remember not to get carried away too much, because if you fill all of those out, you may not find anyone in the country, even with a search distance of 100 km.

If you like another member’s profile who matches your search criteria, you may send a flirt. If this member likes you in return, he will flirt back or message you. A flirt is a friendly way of seeing if someone likes you back without sending a message.

  • Icebreakers

Users can initiate conversations by creating a free written “Icebreaker.” It looks like any other message with an email-style subject line. You have a one-time option to send to all members in a 100km radius and all new members.

  • Instant messaging (IM)

You may engage in an instant message chat with a future squeeze if a user you like is online at the same time as you are. This live-style chat is far more engaging than sending messages and having to wait to receive a reply.

  • Not Interested

When you click on a “not interested” icon next to a potential match’s profile picture, that member cannot contact you again. This prevents having an awkward situation of trying to explain why someone does not meet your approval. This also prevents ardent admirers from pressing their cause a bit too much.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

Farmers Dating is a niche site, so it does not boast the same number of users as some popular mainstream dating sites. This site has over 500,000 members, most of them living in the USA.

In a New York PRNewswire article, Farmers Dating claims to be one of the few sites that have a larger female demographic than their male counterparts. Not only this, but their match success rate is 2.4% compared to Tinder’s 0.6%. That is an enormous difference because of Tinder’s huge user base.

Users Age

Farmers Dating keeps data about its user very private. Still, with a quick look at their users’ profiles, we can see that most singles are in their thirties. Still, all other age groups are also represented on this site, even if in smaller numbers.

Sexual Preferences

There are neither ‘man seeks man’ nor ‘woman seeks woman’ options on this site. Because of its conservative and religious ethos, this is not a surprise. One would like to invite them into the 21st century, however, and see some gay farmer matches!

Race And Ethnicity

There is an ethnicity option on signup, as well as ethnicity options in your expanded search. Some people regard this filter as being a racist profiling system and are against its use. This being said, our test account had plenty of non-Caucasian matches in our area. So, everything is great from this perspective.

Religious Orientation

Because of Farmers Dating traditional and conservative user demographic, religion features quite prominently in not only the registration but as two options in the advanced filter system: Religion and Attends Services. They do not reject the members of other faiths in their registration, but it is clear that site members are predominantly Christian.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

They verify members through an email link and have the option of linking their Facebook profiles. The Farmers Dating site ascribes to the standard encryption technology found on many dating platforms to protect sensitive information.

The site also has an active helpline on-site and prominently displayed on the website pages should you have any problems. A live support line is a great security measure as you can address problems as they arise instead of waiting for customer contact forms for 24 hours.

Is Farmers Dating Legit or Scam Service?

Farmers dating is owned by a mainstream media company, First Beat media, and is a legitimate dating site. They have been in operation since 2017 and have garnered an online reputation as a safe and reputable service.

Subscription types and price

Farmers Dating has no real free membership on offer, only a free, one-week trial that auto-renews into a monthly membership if not canceled 24 hrs before the week trial ends. The free trial allows users to access most of the site features and get a good understanding of how the platform operates.

The membership prices are high compared to other niche dating sites, and the lack of free member interaction without signing into an account is annoying and unnecessary. Free members can only create a profile and are denied access to the site proper.

Free Membership

Free membership features on 1-week trial include:

  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • Send flirts
  • Search for matches nearby
  • Apply advanced filters to search matches
  • View members and access profiles
  • Rapid match game access
Paid membership
  • My little black book
  • Highlighted profiles
  • Enhanced profile visibility
  • Extended search filters

Premium membership fees:

  • 1 year for $89.98
  • 3 months for $49.98/month
  • 1 month for $24.99/month

Website design and usability

The heritage green background and the old school font pretty much sum up the Farmers Dating ethos of home style and old-fashioned values. However, the simple layout is surprisingly smooth and functional, and one gets none of the cramped and cluttered effects as on so many of these niche dating sites.

Everything is laid out intuitively, and although simple in design, it is highly functional and effective. Those who may not be tech-savvy will easily operate the site, and those who are will not be annoyed by outdated features.

The user’s match photos are set single-file into a scrolling column edged by, yes, heritage green, where their age, photo, and location are clearly visible along with their ‘about me’ information (five lines.)

It’s so refreshing to have a homepage where you aren’t assailed by giant grids of profile pictures, which are so overwhelming. They give each profile its own space for individual appraisal with enough starter information that you don’t have to click into everyone that interests you.

Your Rapid match options take the upper center of the stage and are fun to do when you are waiting for a farmer to message you.

Mobile application

The website does not translate well into the mobile application, unfortunately. The lovely spacious organization gives way to a bit of cramped navigation. The app version is glitchy, and it is disappointing after the smooth website interface.

On the app version, you also have to request your matches information, which is a bit annoying for both parties involved.

Contact information

Contact information

  • Company name: First Beat Media Inc.
  • Address: 865 SW 78th Ave Suite
    A100 Plantation, FL 33324

  • Phone: +1 754 205 9974


The site was surprisingly good despite its simple features, and the design was conservative but pleasing to the eye. The only annoying disadvantage is constant fake handsome cowboy “Messages” that appear only to redirect users to another partner site. They really should remove this.

One can occasionally see users with identical profiles. This seems suspicious. Still, most profiles on Farmers Dating seem genuine. Another minus is that there can be quite a few user profiles. This number will mostly depend on your area, of course. Like all niche sites, this platform does not have huge numbers but compensates for it in profile quality.

All in all, it’s a good, clean site for those farm folks to meet up. It is also a great platform for people who long to escape large cities and fall asleep to the chirping of crickets in the clean country air. If you are one of those, there is no reason not to give Farmers Dating a try.

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