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BookofMatches Review

BookofMatches Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 50%
Popular Age 28-35
Profiles 26 700
Reply Rate 99%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is completely free;
  • There is both a chat and a forum section so that you can showcase yourself at best;
  • The personality test is fun, and if you trust it to work, it works;
  • Easy sign-up process.
  • It is hard to sneak outside the algorithm and know random people;
  • There not many active users.

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How does It Work

As it always happens on dating and hookup websites, you are shown beautiful pictures on the main page. They try to stimulate you by showcasing hot profiles on the main page. It may work for you if you are craving a hookup: you see the nice guys and chicks, and you think “that could be me!”.

As all the marketing strategies, they are trying to sell you a product, so our recommendation is to judge a book by its content, not by its cover. Therefore, here’s how BookofMatches works: you get in, browse users for free, exchange pictures with them, chat with them, and eventually get out for free.

They are committed to give you pleasure, fun, and entertainment, and to do all that for free. Will they succeed? Well, this is up to you to answer that question. We can give you our point of view, as after this review you will be able to judge it yourself.

Sign-Up & Login Process


There is no extra effort, so sign up to Bookofmatches. Good news—the subscription and the usage are free. Bookofmatches is committed to your matching success and provides all of its services for free. No matter how much security this will cost, you will be here with thousands of other users, ready to dive in and find new friends and matches.

Here’s how to sign-up: you can go to the main page and look for the sign-up form. Now type your username in the “join & meet free” field. They don’t need your real name now, it’s just what will be displayed on your profile, what other people will see.

They will let you immediately on the registration page, which carries old-fashioned fonts and got some troubles during rendering. No big deal: the bigger the chart is, the smaller chance you have of taking the wrong road.

So, don’t be ashamed of partaking in such an un-techy community. Are you here to find a decent date, or to earn a degree in website’s design? Another issue, the password is displayed! Not a good sign, but if you feel a security highlander today, let’s move on.

Profile Interface

Now you are registered to the website, but a further step is required: you should compile your profile before you get in.

They request your age, gender, sexual preference, whether you smoke or drink, your ethnic background, height, country, and so on. As the whole website is founded on a personality match, you are not free to skip it, performed over the fields you are filling in here.

So, don’t be shy, because if you want to find a match, that’s a required step. Even in real life, actually. You can’t know what you deserve if you don’t know yourself. Here, if you don’t partake your personals, you won’t be considered as a part of the community. You won’t even be inside.

We understand that after the social media outbreak, this is an easier step. The interface may scare you a little, as it’s miles away from Instagram or Snapchat. Not to mention the vast number of details they are requiring. Still, there’s a lot of ironies, so that will also be fun. Another fun part might be uploading your profile picture. A lot of users experience a real lack of self-worth during this delicate process. We strongly encourage you to stay happy and smile.

Maybe you are finding yourself awful in selfies today, but tomorrow, after little practice, it will be much better, for sure. Filters help a lot. Let’s move on to the matches and communication paragraph.


BookofMatches Matches/Communication

After this short preview, we hope that your view is broader and that you feel ready for the next step: creating new matches and start communicating with other people online.

Communication has never been easier. Forget the time-consuming stares at the pub, the tiresome small-talks in the club, or the bus stop. No eye-popping here, that’s granted! Even though the webmasters discourage you from being too explicit, a lot of people are.

Don’t be too explicit, and use the chat function to express yourself, keeping in mind that the other person is a complete stranger to you.

So yes, you can be frank, but not too frank. Do you see the chat icon on members’ profile pictures? Start from there. Then, go to the “chat room” section and partake in a free and unmoderated discussion. Here you can showcase your speech and wit if you are too shy for a face-to-face approach.

Don’t forget to undergo a personality test. It is meant to show you only profiles that match with your personality. They are not 100% accurate, so consider them as a game.

Members Structure and Activities

BookofMatches Structure and Activities

There are more than 150.000 active members, mostly in North America, but there are people from all over the world. You won’t feel alone here on BookofMatches, as there is plenty of variety.

It’s quite hard to track the audience down, though, as members change all the time. There are many active users on chat rooms, and they tend to stay for a while, as they sort of feel in a community.

It is a good feature, increased by the tips given within the forum section. They try to keep you informed about online security, and they track all the most frequent online scams. It’s nothing more than reading the news, after all. Let’s try to make a detailed picture of how the members are.

Users Age

There’s a slight prevalence of users from 30 to 40 years old. There’s no real hurdle keeping you out of BookofMatches, so virtually also under-aged people are coming in! We don’t know that for sure, as actually we haven’t met them, and we hope the webmasters are fast enough to delete all the potential threats to not-so-adult users.

There are also some people from 50+, so this is a place where people of different ages feel equally comfortable. We can’t tell you more about their real age.

Sexual Preferences

There are more than one thousand active members. Maybe not all of them are straight, but in the Terms and Agreement, they clearly state this is a heterosexual website.

Don’t rely too much on what people claim to be, though. If you are homosexual, bear in mind that there are many websites where finding a homosexual story is far easier.

Race and Ethnicity

BookofMatches Race and Ethnicity

No discrimination, you are welcome to be here whatever race or ethnicity you feel you belong to. There are plenty of different ethnic types, as people from the US are mainly on the website.

As the US is a very ethnically diverse country, you will likely find someone from your favorite body type.

Religious Orientation

We can tell you the same about religious orientation. Here, there is no differentiation on a religious base, so you should perform a manual search if you are willing to find someone.

The greatest drawback of BookofMatches is that there are not that many users online. We mean, there are a lot of members, but they are not always online. At the same time, and their account is sometimes frozen due to inactivity.

The situation occurs in many not-mainstream dating and hookup websites, so no big flaws of desperation valleys only here on BookofMatches. As it is a community, it’s not invaded by floods of people and comments. It is just a tiny group, like a club, where you can feel free to be religious.

Still, if you are a very religious person, maybe you should look for a specific website.

BookokMatches Dating Website Features

BookofMatches Dating Website Features

So, here is how it works: signing-up is just the first and easy step. You give the website little details about you and your life. You finish your profile and throw it to the wall and see if it sticks.

Then matches will be performed automatically by the system. It will match your preferences with other members’ profiles, and you will see them as suggested profiles on the mainboard. As easy as it sounds. Now you can select an individual and start dabbling, set a date, or whatever you would like to do.

Is that not enough for you genuinely desire a community? So, go to the last feature, the forum section. Here you can chat with a broader number of people, and maybe get to know someone you were not even thinking about.

All those features are displayed within the main page, so it won’t be hard for you to find them all.

Safety & Security

BookofMatches Safety & Security

If you have already done your personality test, there’s no real point in this question. You have basically said to hundreds of thousands of people whether you are stubborn, ambitious, which job you do, and so on.

They don’t own your credit card details, nor your password, but in the end, they can understand your personality a little more than a complete stranger on the street.

So, the real privacy issue is what you decide to tell people around you. Are you an introvert? Don’t stay on a website committed to finding you an online community. Online does not mean completely anonymous. Then, the privacy settings of the site lack in some points, like the readable password. We recommend you give them your “fun” email and not your working one, just in case.

Is BookofMatches Legit or Scam Service?

No payments performed, so no scams at sight. Still, some users do not feel comfortable to stay here on BookofMatches. We can understand that the old-fashioned interface and the free-user format may make you feel less safe than in an online community where people have been verified.

We can understand the feeling, but we can’t state that BookofMatches is a scam. It’s completely legit, after all, because it promises what you can get from it. You will be able to chat freely and meet new people, and the many ads and external links are not something you can avoid today.

You can’t expect a website not to earn a cent from users. So, they are selling aggregated data to third parties, and they need to show you some ads from time to time. It is totally legit, after all.

Subscription Types and Price

BookofMatches Types and Price

There is just one subscription type: the free one. BookofMatches is committed to your entertainment and your happiness, and they value your wallet a lot.

Therefore, you will never have to pay for your online community experience. All that you are giving them is your email, and nothing more. They will bother you a little with ads and third parties’ websites, but there’s no money you can pay to spare yourself from it.

Free Membership

The free subscription is the only one possible. BookofMatches strongly believes in a free service, where you only give some personal details, like your email and your username, and of course, all the shades of your personality.

The free entry may sometimes be a drawback, especially when there’s not even an email verification. It gets all malicious users in, so you need to double-check everything you write and be more careful about general security measures. Here, everything is free.

There’s not a single feature you can pay for, here on BookofMatches. As we have said before, everything is free. But then, if you would like to click on an external link, you make them earn a little money from your stay.

Like a payback, so to say. Then, all those free websites make a living out of aggregated data. They send them to third companies so that your personal information is not detected and that you are not spotted.

Website Design & Usability

BookofMatches Design & Usability

The website design is a little old-fashioned, so don’t expect Tinder or Facebook. You will learn where everything is, and you will be able to surf thanks to the main menu quite easily.

Modern design is sometimes a synonym of time consumption because you don’t understand those minimalistic icons cropping up from everywhere. Here in BookofMatches, you may get where features lay.

Still, they could have been worked more on the website’s design. A quite unfriendly feature is the continuous stream of ads and banners. They lump the main page, and they try to lure you inside any other adult website.

It diminishes the overall usability, for sure. If you are used to freeing demos and free websites, you may be used to closing pop-ups and circumventing malicious or annoying links. Everyone has their own taste, so feel free to check this out yourself. We haven’t liked the interface, and we thought that the low presence of users if you compare this website to other ones, does not justify this setback. Hence, you can give BookofMatches a chance and learn to love it, just because it’s free.

Mobile Application

BookofMatches Mobile Application

There is no mobile application of BookofMatches.

The website is mobile-friendly, so nothing more is needed to find it on Google and surf within site. It will not consume more energy than any other messaging app. Make sure you have enough battery left before going on BookofMatches.

Contact Information

Company: Internet Initiative Partners, LLC (trademark of)

Address: no address is displayed within the website

Phone: no phone is displayed within the website

Email: customercare@bookofmatches.com


BookofMAtches is not really a dating website, as some features structure it more as a game: take the forums or the so-called personality test.

Given that, a lot of users claim to be here to find a soul mate. We have found many others looking for a pen pal, as well. It’s up to you to decide if that’s your format. Have a good dating experience!

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